The Fourth Holiday Special : The Last Podcast

December 23, 2017

The final podcast of 2017 from The Vintage Rebellion is full of festive cheer as we throw the format out the window and chat about all things Star Wars.

With a new movie released the boys discuss The Last Jedi, so if you haven't seen it yet beware there will be spoilers.  We also here from Michael Cooper, Jason Smith, Darren Quinn, Rob Marsh, Steve Savory, Corey Galal, Carl Dennis and Daniel Burgess on their initial reactions to the movie.

The boys take a fond look at some of the events they've attended this year from Celebration and Farthest Froms to Empire Day and Echo Live, and who can forget the FACTs trip!!!  Steve Savory acts as The Vintage Rebellion roaming reporter as he talks to starts of the screen in live interviews from Wantage Comic Con.

Stuart hosts a three part quiz over the course of the show to see who really is the second best man on the podcast after himself.  It will surprise you who finishes in last place, or probably not actually.

The team recollect the last 12 months of The podcast, as they look at the changes that have taken place as well as each member reflecting on their personal sections.

Jez recollects fond memories of his magnificent achievement as The Running Stormtrooper during 2017, including some unheard footage.

The team also take a look at their personal collecting journeys from the year and where they hope their collecting goes in 2018.

Shawn Moynihan joins up with Pete to create The Vintage Rebellion 12 days of Star Wars Christmas, something joyous to look out for during the show.

As well as all this we have plenty of chitter chatter, randomness and festive music for you to enjoy over the Christmas period.

We here at The Vintage Rebellion would like to wish each and every one of our listeners a stonking Christmas and a wonderful and healthy New Year.  Thank you for all your support, here's to the next 12 months!!!

Enjoy the Show!!

See you in 2018!


Episode 43 : To Newboldly Go Where No Fantha Has Gone Before!

December 16, 2017

The boys are back for the final normal structured podcast of 2017.  Mark newbold joins Stuart and Richard to discuss his new project Fantha Tracks, he also discusses Comics and toothbrushes, whilst also revealing stories from the stars of movies.

In the New Acquisitions section, Lee Bullock stops by to talk about his boxed Lili Ledy large size action figure Jawa.  The lads discuss a variety of vintage gems and are joined by Ron Salvatore as part of The Vintage Rebellion Alliance whilst covering the very underrated Y-Wing Fighter (not bomber).

In this months Rebel Briefings, Richard takes a look at the Mr Klimko auction, gives us an update on Carl Cunnigham whilst taking a look at Empire Day and David Prowse's last outing.

Simon's Senate return, and this month he's nailed his sound.  This month he is joined by Stephen Savory, Dan Tearle and Steve Magill as they delve into a Custom debate.

Pete takes a look at the Market whilst also bringing us Gimcrack of the month.

All this plus other gems, makes this another not to be missed edition of The Vintage Rebellion.

Enjoy the Show!!!