STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 50 : The Other 88 Said “No”

July 30, 2018

It's The Vintage Rebellions 50th Episode, so we launch with an extended episode (yes extended if you can believe that) to celebrate the milestone with no less than 9 (yes NINE) guests.  The team welcome a whole array of guests to celebrate.

Chris Porteous joins Stuart and Richard for this months interview as the boys discuss Canadian items, Tantive forum and Quebec items as well as many other things.

In the New Acquisitions section the lads are joined by not 1 but 5 guests, all welcomed on to share their knowledge.  The items discussed range from mint carded figures to Star Wars arcade games, from store displays to everyone's favourite Twin Pod Cloud Car.

Rebel Briefings covers a range of new discoveries in the community including some amazing store displays.  You'll be bangers to miss it.

It's a bumper Beyond the Newest Acquisitions where we scour the collecting universe for Twin Pod Cloud Car collectables, and in Gimcrack Richard pulls all the wrong strings.

Simon waxes lyrical (drones on) about more exciting and varied eBay sales, gets all animated about the amount of bargains turning up at UK salesrooms, is (thankfully) speechless regarding the recent Hakes sale and speaks to Mark Daniels who 'fesses up about running the re-seal market.

It's a podcast full of records, as this month's quiz is so long it could be a podcast in its own right.

To end this special edition we welcome back to speak to Edd Grant in this months What's New Pussycat as we revisit his collecting habits since we spoke to him three years ago.

All this plus all the usual shenanigans and banter.

Enjoy the show!