STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 62 : Benny Potter and the Temple of Doom

July 26, 2019

Episode 62 features an interview with not one but two collectors and traders.  joining Stuart and Richard is Richard Temple and Ben Potter, owners of Toys of Tatooine.  The lads discuss trading, collecting, oddball items as well as delving into numerous finds including a 380 Logray MOC find.

Rebel Briefings sees Rich tackle all the important issues from around the hobby over the last four weeks.  He takes us through a look at Modern pre-Production Items, Shill bidding accounts which were recently exposed, asks the question whether grading companies are favourable to repeat customers and we say a sad farewell to one of the podcast team.

Jez blows us away with the by far the longest Newest Acquisitions ever, a hole host of items are discussed, from helix Pencil Sharpeners to an array of MOCs.  he then delves into an in depth look at cardbacks and finally rounds off the section with a look at the X-Wing where the Rebel Alliance drop by to help out.

Pete continues the X-Wing loving in Beyond the Newest Acquisitions, so many non toy items feature the x-wing, what will the big man pick out to discuss?

As well as all this we have the usual quizzes, hear about the disappointment of no summer Farthest From and take a look at a diorama that has been built using an old playset base.  All this plus much much more on this months Vintage Rebellion.

Enjoy the show!!!



0.  04.  23   TVR team acquisitions
0.  23.  53.  No summer Farthest From!
0.  34.  45.  Congratulations to Chive Cast Skye Paine
0.  35.  05.  TVR now available on Spotify
0.  35.  35.  Dioramas using recycled parts
0.  45.  05.  Quiz
1.  15.  02.  Rebel Briefings
1.  15.  57.  Modern Preproduction
1.  28.  06.  Shill Bidding exposed
1.  53.  01.  Do grading companies favour repeat customers?
2.  01.  27.  Podcast departure
2.  15.  10.  Interview with Richard Temple and Ben Potter
3.  20.  15.  Newest Acquisitions
4.  02.  33.  Cardbacks (part of NA)
4.  44.  03.  x-Wing (part of NA) (joined by Chris G from Vintage Alliance)
5.  41.  11.  Beyond the Newest Acquisitions
6.  04.  19.  Star Wars Tracker Top 5
6.  05.  55.  Going for Gold Leader
6.  11.  41.  Feedback
6.  54.  13.  Out takes