Episode 1: Chewing a Wookiee

June 8, 2014

Welcome to the debut edition of the SWFUK Podcast.  This is Episode 1: Chewing a Wookie. 

On this 1st episode we speak to Dave Tree, Paul Bateman and Mark Newbold direct from the recent Farthest From get together as well as an interview with the popular forum member Iain Sanderson.  We look at a few of our favourite threads from the forum including the ever popular Latest Acquisitions thread.  We delve into the current vintage market for Star Wars Toys, and along with all this we have the regular oddballs feature where we look into the world of Helix products.  The Boom section also starts with an explosion as we look at what has been causing a stir amongst the collecting community.  All this plus much much more in the debut podcast from www.starwarsforum.co.uk


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