Episode 10 : Sith Smithsonian

February 17, 2015

Welcome to Episode X of the SWFUK Podcast.  This months podcast has guests galore join the podcast team as we talk to no less than six people.  This months interview is with Palitoy Golden Collector Gary Smith.  His collection is so impressive and vast it makes this interview un-missable for any Star Wars Collector.  Kick back and enjoy Gary go through his Palitoy and miscard collection.  This months market section is rammed as Pete discusses the recent Vectis Auction, during the market section we hear from Craig Stevens himself who sold those amazing Palitoy pieces, whilst Pete also catches up with Kathy Taylor from Vectis.  This months Forum Roundup, we hear from Matt McCartney about his second book in the Hamington Chronicles that has recently been released, whilst Rich looks at another topic off the SWCA.  In this months Oddballs Grant talks autographs with Nick from Franks Autographs and for any autograph hunter this is a must listen.  The final person we hear from this month is Richard McLean during the events section as he discusses his upcoming event 'Echo Base 2', which sounds like a stonking event.  As well as all this we also have the usual Boom, LA and Rapid Fire sections as well.  So sit back and indulge yourself in some top vintage collecting chat!


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