Episode 11 : Recognising Foul Stenches

March 20, 2015

Welcome to the eleventh instalment of the ever growing Star Wars Forum UK Podcast, Recognising Foul Stenches.

We are delighted to welcome a new member to the podcast crew as the four become five once again with forum favourite Jez joining the team.  This months interview is totally charming as we chat to American Bruce White about Princess Leia, Tattoos, Art, Anaheim and his Cosmetic Beauty Bag.  This months oddballs takes a behind the scenes look at the autograph track, joining Grant to look at this is none other than Gerald Home, A.K.A. Squid Head.  But Grant's interview with Gerald Home plays second fiddle to an interview special when Jez's son Leo takes to the airwaves to ask Gerald the questions we all want to ask.  In this months Vintage Star Wars news we take a look at the current Facebook reproduction and ugrade protest as Grant chats to the two driving forces behind the campaign in Ross Barr and Jason Smith.  We also hear from Iain Sanderson as we discuss his new Acrylic displays.  Rich goes into the recent Lily Ledy reproductions weapon haul and speaks with TIGs Paul Ford.  We also have some huge announcements regarding the podcast stage at Anaheim as well as looking at the recent Farthest From event where Pete speaks with Dan Franco.  All this plus much much more on the best vintage pod!


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