Episode 20 : Rebel Rebel

January 18, 2016

Happy New Year from The Vintage Rebellion Podcast.

We start 2016 with an almighty bang as we have long term British collector and Helix fanatic Craig Spivey joined the Rebellion for this months interview, Craig discusses The Force Awakens British Premier and After Show Party that he was lucky enough to attend, along with digging into his collection as we discuss a bit of everything including his part of the Millennium Falcon that he owns.

Thomas Garvey joins Richard on Rebel Briefings to discuss a recent article which he published on the SWCA and Stuart speaks with Matt Fox on his collection being displayed in the 'May the Toys be With You' exhibition.

Pete looks at two huge recent auctions during the market section as he delves into the Nigo auction held at Sothebys as well as the recent Vectis auction.

Jez brings us his Newest Acquisitions where he looks at items from the forums and facebook. All this plus Force Awakens discussion, Rapid Fire and general jabbering's sees the Vintage Rebellion doing what it does best. ENJOY!!!


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