Episode 26 : Oli’s Bad Motivator

July 12, 2016
It's been a real push getting this one out but the team have worked hard to ensure that there was a podcast released in time for all you wonderful listeners to have us with you on your journey's to Celebration Europe this week.

Joining the crew for the main interview is pre-production collector Oliver Sudweeks who talks about his connection with the toys and his love for pre-production items as he talks about his R5-D4 pre-production run as well as white cape Bib Fortunas amongst many other items. On this months Newest Acquisitons Jez covers many new purchases including Land of the Jawas playset, Force Light Sabers, Remedial Learning kits and plush Ewoks alongside many many other stunning items. I grew Up Star Wars founder, Tom Berges joins Grant for this months Oddballs whilst in Market Pete follows up his popular toy shop series as he speaks with Gordon Dobson and Johnny Burgess. Rich brings us more rebel briefings and we couldn't resist for this month's intro as we bring back the opening question. We also have a special roundtable which helps lead us into Celebration, the team have a set of stunning postcards designed for a giveaway and are delighted to be joined by Dan Tearle, Corey Galal and Mark Daniels as we discuss all six postcards available in the giveaway. We hope you enjoy the show and don't forget to stop by and see us at Celebration. Much love!!!!!!