Episode 28 : Who’s Scruffy Looking?

October 3, 2016
The Vintage Rebellion return with a slightly delayed show, but another epic show nonetheless.

This months main interview is with UK collector and friend of the podcast Simon McOwan. We discuss his Trilogo last 17 run that he's just completed, HC Ford and Sons record erasers amongst many other things, including his failed business enterprise with Dave Tree 16 years ago.

In Rebel Briefings, Rich covers a host of topics as he discusses AFA, Selling up, Javier's PBP book, Jawa prices going crazy and he also selects his highlights from Johnpaul Ragusa's Q&A that he participated in on Facebook group 'Jabba's Palace'.

Tony Damata joins Grant as they discuss in depth Vintage Star Wars music collecting, whilst Pete brings us a third part of the toy shop interviews as he speaks with Chris Hand from the Leicester Vintage Toy Shop.

As Usual Jez delves into the world of collectors newest acquisitions, this month he looks at vintage soap, Yoda hand puppets and miscard's amongst many other stunning items picked up within the community.

As well as all this and some other cracking nuggets, Rich decides to give humour a try, if that doesn't make this show a vital download then I don't know what will.  The blokes totally quackers!!!

Enjoy the show.