Episode 49 : Never Mind The Bullock

June 24, 2018

The Vintage Rebellion celebrates their four year anniversary by giving our listeners a six hour delight.

Stuart and Simon are joined by 12 inch collecting legend Lee Bullock, where he discusses his early memories, trading in the current climate and of course his expertise in Star Wars dollies.

Rebel Briefing sees Rich look at our hopes for Vintage Star Wars at Celebration before delving into an old discussion on 20/21 backs and more.

In this months NA the lads review some more awesome purchases from across Facebook and the forums.  They even take a look into the future, from the past.  The section is completed with an in depth look at the Darth Vader Carry Case with a little help from Chris G.  Who had ever heard of a Red Darth Vader Carry Case??

The Market section becomes fully operational with the Death Star eBay find.  Plus Simon scurries around the UK auction action and visits Steve Taylor at Toy Planet to hear about a 90s dealer stock that time forgot.

Pete takes us beyond the NA as he looks at some strange Darth Vader items as well as bringing us a top fiver related to the heavy breathing Dark Lord.  And of course he brings us Gimcrack of the month as once again Jez doesn't fully understand the concept.

And what better way to celebrate four years of this show than to have Episode 11 guest Bruce White return to catch up during What's New PussyCat.

All this plus the usual quiz, Celebration update, and many moments of abusing the weaker members of the cast (Richard, Jez and Simon).

Enjoy the show!!!


Episode 48 : Goldilocks and the Tree Bears

June 3, 2018

Welcome to Episode 48 of the Vintage Rebellion, bit later than normal.

Andy Goulding joins the team for this months focal interview as we delve into early collecting, shows round the UK in the 1990s and we delve into his love of movie props.

In this month's Rebel Briefings Rich brings not one, not two, not three but four amazing discoveries that collectors have been hunting for nearly 20 years from pre-production items to packaging to bootlegs to production figures.  Helping him delve into one of these topics both Paul Chu and Todd Hudson drop by to offer their expertise.

In NA the lads review some brilliant bargains, a cast and crew grail piece, a Japanese Pop Up Book and are joined by Andy Preston who talks about his fantastic Pye records' store display.  The section is concluded with an in depth look at the POTF Skiff with help from Ron Salvatore.  Keep an ear out for when Simon outs S#####7 as a shill bidder extraordinaire!

You don't get many of those to the pound in Markets this month.  More interesting and interestingly priced items from eBay are covered.  Simon also takes a look at a recent sale at Gildings Auctioneers and invites the team to take their pick from a wonderful selection of movie posters offered by the Prop Store in an upcoming sale.  The results are surprising.

Pete takes us on an extended look at NA when he examines the Skiff in more detail, looking at what else the Skiff turned up on for all you Skiff focus collectors, as well as bringing us his Gimcrack of the Month and his well loved Top Five.

All this plus plenty more including Weakest Link and stay listening for the outro when Jez has an unusual theory about people not liking TLJ the first time.

Enjoy the show!!!