Episode 53 : Taking The Droids To Isengard

October 31, 2018

The Vintage Rebellion's 53rd episode lands with some disappointing news with regards to a member of the team.  However, the other four crack on and smash out another show just in time before October ends.

David Phillips joins Stuart and Richard from New Zealand to discuss his work with WETA, his love of droids and a huge find in the wild amongst many other topics.

Rebel Briefings is packed to the hilt as Richard chats with Chris Fawcett about two fascinating topics, he is then joined by Robin Bocra to discuss the new Jordan Hembrough show where he visits and interviews Star Wars fans and collectors.

Newest Acquisitions is packed as always as the team look at an assortment of recent pick ups from Presto Magix Kits through to separation color sheets for Boba Fett MOC.  The boys finish with a look at the Dagobah playset with help from The Vintage Rebellion Alliance.

Pete continues delving into Dagobah items as he takes a look at the oddball items associated with the swamp planet during Beyond the Newest Acquisitions.

As an added extra this month, Steve Savory serves up an Echo Live Special as he records with traders and guests from the recent show including Echo base founder Adam Pemberton.

All this plus an awful lot more on this months Vintage Rebellion.

Enjoy the Show!!!!!!


Episode 52 : Seahawks, Star Wars and the Vintage Crusade

September 30, 2018

Episode 52 lands a little later than usual but we're delighted to be able to confirm that even though overseas, Jez has managed to join us and record the entire show!!!  So hopefully the show will be worth the wait.

Stuart and Richard are joined by Jason Langendorfer for this months interview, Jason discusses his collecting habits with the boys in depth including telling us about his recent visit to Redwood Forest whilst discussing his photography of the toys we all love, from the photos he snapped back in the 1980s through to the recent snaps he continues to take.

During Rebel Briefings, Richard delves into a current hot topic as we discuss when deals go sour, from the selling of suspect baggie mailers through to figures being sold for suspect scammers, the boys delve in and offer honest opinions on the recent debacle.  The team also look at a host of other topics during Rebel Briefings which include the recent Vectis auction and Palitoy Landfill dream amongst many others.

He may be serving overseas but Jez still manages to bring his usual Newest Acquisitions section where he looks at items including Blue Snaggletooth through to Australian Pizza Hutt glasses, whilst also being joined by Andrew Carrick, Scott Bacon and Clint Garniss to discuss their recent purchases.  The team take time to look at Hammerhead in more depth this month, with Ron Salvatore from the Vintage Rebellion Alliance stopping by to offer his expertise on the figure.

Following on from the Hammerhead discussion, Pete takes a look at the other oddball items associated with Hammerhead during 'Beyond the Newest Acquisitions'.  The Frito Lay sticker from Puerto Rico is a truly stunning piece.

All this plus much more on this months Vintage Rebellion Podcast.

Enjoy the Show!!!


Episode 51 : There’s Klingons On The Viewport Bow

August 22, 2018

After last months epic seven hour plus podcast the Vintage Rebellion return with a far more manageable time.  It's just a 4 man team this month as Simon goes on a soul searching mission to make himself an actual likeable individual.

Rebel Commando focus collector and host of Sixth Scale Scavengers Podcast join Stuart and Richard to discuss his collection and his collecting habits.

Rebel Briefings is jam packed as Richard takes us through several topics including reproduction M.O.C.s and Canadian Jigsaw puzzles amongst many others.

A shorter Newest Acquisitions section as Jez gets ready to set sail, but the team look at an array of items from the Death Star World Micro Collection and Die Cast Landspeeders through to the MTV-7 which the team cover in depth with added input from the Vintage Alliance.  Andrew Norton and Clint Garniss also stop by to discuss their recent acquisitions.

And Pete brings us a Gimcrack Listener Special.

All this plus much more on this months Vintage Rebellion Podcast!

Enjoy the show!!!


Episode 50 : The Other 88 Said “No”

July 30, 2018

It's The Vintage Rebellions 50th Episode, so we launch with an extended episode (yes extended if you can believe that) to celebrate the milestone with no less than 9 (yes NINE) guests.  The team welcome a whole array of guests to celebrate.

Chris Porteous joins Stuart and Richard for this months interview as the boys discuss Canadian items, Tantive forum and Quebec items as well as many other things.

In the New Acquisitions section the lads are joined by not 1 but 5 guests, all welcomed on to share their knowledge.  The items discussed range from mint carded figures to Star Wars arcade games, from store displays to everyone's favourite Twin Pod Cloud Car.

Rebel Briefings covers a range of new discoveries in the community including some amazing store displays.  You'll be bangers to miss it.

It's a bumper Beyond the Newest Acquisitions where we scour the collecting universe for Twin Pod Cloud Car collectables, and in Gimcrack Richard pulls all the wrong strings.

Simon waxes lyrical (drones on) about more exciting and varied eBay sales, gets all animated about the amount of bargains turning up at UK salesrooms, is (thankfully) speechless regarding the recent Hakes sale and speaks to Mark Daniels who 'fesses up about running the re-seal market.

It's a podcast full of records, as this month's quiz is so long it could be a podcast in its own right.

To end this special edition we welcome back to speak to Edd Grant in this months What's New Pussycat as we revisit his collecting habits since we spoke to him three years ago.

All this plus all the usual shenanigans and banter.

Enjoy the show!


Episode 49 : Never Mind The Bullock

June 24, 2018

The Vintage Rebellion celebrates their four year anniversary by giving our listeners a six hour delight.

Stuart and Simon are joined by 12 inch collecting legend Lee Bullock, where he discusses his early memories, trading in the current climate and of course his expertise in Star Wars dollies.

Rebel Briefing sees Rich look at our hopes for Vintage Star Wars at Celebration before delving into an old discussion on 20/21 backs and more.

In this months NA the lads review some more awesome purchases from across Facebook and the forums.  They even take a look into the future, from the past.  The section is completed with an in depth look at the Darth Vader Carry Case with a little help from Chris G.  Who had ever heard of a Red Darth Vader Carry Case??

The Market section becomes fully operational with the Death Star eBay find.  Plus Simon scurries around the UK auction action and visits Steve Taylor at Toy Planet to hear about a 90s dealer stock that time forgot.

Pete takes us beyond the NA as he looks at some strange Darth Vader items as well as bringing us a top fiver related to the heavy breathing Dark Lord.  And of course he brings us Gimcrack of the month as once again Jez doesn't fully understand the concept.

And what better way to celebrate four years of this show than to have Episode 11 guest Bruce White return to catch up during What's New PussyCat.

All this plus the usual quiz, Celebration update, and many moments of abusing the weaker members of the cast (Richard, Jez and Simon).

Enjoy the show!!!


Episode 48 : Goldilocks and the Tree Bears

June 3, 2018

Welcome to Episode 48 of the Vintage Rebellion, bit later than normal.

Andy Goulding joins the team for this months focal interview as we delve into early collecting, shows round the UK in the 1990s and we delve into his love of movie props.

In this month's Rebel Briefings Rich brings not one, not two, not three but four amazing discoveries that collectors have been hunting for nearly 20 years from pre-production items to packaging to bootlegs to production figures.  Helping him delve into one of these topics both Paul Chu and Todd Hudson drop by to offer their expertise.

In NA the lads review some brilliant bargains, a cast and crew grail piece, a Japanese Pop Up Book and are joined by Andy Preston who talks about his fantastic Pye records' store display.  The section is concluded with an in depth look at the POTF Skiff with help from Ron Salvatore.  Keep an ear out for when Simon outs S#####7 as a shill bidder extraordinaire!

You don't get many of those to the pound in Markets this month.  More interesting and interestingly priced items from eBay are covered.  Simon also takes a look at a recent sale at Gildings Auctioneers and invites the team to take their pick from a wonderful selection of movie posters offered by the Prop Store in an upcoming sale.  The results are surprising.

Pete takes us on an extended look at NA when he examines the Skiff in more detail, looking at what else the Skiff turned up on for all you Skiff focus collectors, as well as bringing us his Gimcrack of the Month and his well loved Top Five.

All this plus plenty more including Weakest Link and stay listening for the outro when Jez has an unusual theory about people not liking TLJ the first time.

Enjoy the show!!!


Episode 47 : The Cantina Patrons

April 30, 2018

The Vintage Rebellion returns for their 47th outing.  Jared Cope, Andrew Norton and Stephen Savory join Stuart and Simon for a roundtable discussion on prices and the state of the hobby, is collecting Star Wars toys an obsession?

Rich has the pleasure of talking to Craig Stevens about his new book focusing on the impact of Star Wars in the UK.  We then discuss a couple of topical points in the hobby including a great act of honesty.

In Market join Simon for a ramble through rare and interesting items sold on eBay in the last month, hear about the auction action from UK salesrooms and the ones to watch in the coming month.

With help from new Vintage Alliance member Bob Steffey, the team take at look at the awesome Snowspeeder.  Brian Angel drops by to discuss his latest R5-D4 pickup and the team also look at a host of other great acquisitions from UK bubble bath to soot covered Luke Hoth Mint on Cards.

Pete continues the look at the Snowspeeder as he delves into items for the ship outside the toy line as well as bringing his popular top five and Gimcrack of the month.

The team take a look and make recommedations for new collectors on which Facebook groups to join and can Simon win a quiz?  I very much doubt it.

Oh and Steve Savory tells us how he likes to go hard!

All this plus much more on this months Vintage Rebellion Podcast.

Enjoy the Show!!!!!


Episode 46 : SupercalifragilisticexpialiGeorgoulias

March 28, 2018

March brings us the longest Vintage Rebellion podcast to date, with Jez still absent without leave the rest of the team can't stop talking.

Chris Georgoulias joins Stuart and Richard for this months main interview.  Chris discusses a plethora of things including his work with the SWCA and his recent trip to Death Valley amongst many other topics.

Mike Havens joins Rich during Rebel Briefings to discuss his convention ICCC.  Rich also looks at the best collecting books available and delves into an eBay auction.

Newest Acquisitions sees the team look at Palitoy, Helix, Australian Pencil cases, Canadian 2 packs as well as many other items including their focus topic of the Palitoy Droid Factory.  Mark Daniels and Chris Hogg also drop by to discuss their recent purchases.

During the second instalment of Pete's new segment, he follows on from the Droid Factory discussion looking at other droid items outside of the toy line.  He brings us the Droid Factory top 5 and can Simon finally win Gimcrack of the month?  Don't bet on it!

Simon delves into the market where he looks at eBay and recent auction sales.

Whilst Iain Sanderson joins Stuart for a follow up to his Interview from Episode 1.  Iain revisits all the topics he discussed four years ago, has his collecting habits changed?

As well as all this the boys discuss collecting ethics after being accused of snobbery on their opinion on reproduction items last month, whilst they also have their usual quiz and general discussion.

All this plus much more including a Running Stormtrooper update.

Enjoy the show!!!


Episode 45 : The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds of Howay

February 28, 2018

Episode 45 drops whilst the UK is covered in snow, which is fitting as the episode has a very Hoth feel.

Richard has recently been to Finse, Norway for an event based on Hoth and hosted at the filming location, this month instead of a feature interview we hear all about the trip which includes interviews with others who attended the event or presented.  Some great stories of the filming era which you may or may not know but definitely worth a listen.

Stuart takes over hosting duties on Newest Acquisitions whilst Jez is at school.  The team look at several items which include a Pre-production Diecast TIE-Fighter wing, a mint Return of the Jedi two pack, 12" Luke Skywalker Bespin transparency and a beaten up Luke Skywalker Model trem.  We hear from two collectors as they discuss their recent purchases, Dallas Ewen discusses his Grubee exclusive cups which were only available in food outlets around Winnipeg, Canada and Blake Bundy tells us about picking up his final 12 back to complete the run.  Of course NA finishes with a look at one specific item, this month the lads look at the Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Set where the Vintage Alliance come up with more great information.

In a new section, Peter looks at other non action figure related Hoth items that may tickle people's fancy.  Along with the top 5, Simon attempts to dazzle us with his Gimcrack but can it beat Richard's controversial entry.

Rich looks at a range of topics during Rebel Briefings, from the current collecting climate including asking whether POTF MOCs were sold in the UK and whether current eBay practices are ethical.  This is balanced out with an update to Brian Angel's quest and some more news of great fundraising ventures.

With Peter undergoing a new section, Simon jumps in to reinvent the Market segment, during this element Simon takes a look at the market place from eBay to auction houses, plus takes a look at current AT-AT prices, has this huge piece become the flavour of the month???

The podcast is filled with so much more, from the usual quiz to Richard trying to dig himself out of a Detolf hole, it's all here.  Hey, even Jez drops by to give us a Running Stormtrooper update!!!

Enjoy the show!


Episode 44 : Palitoy Junky

January 22, 2018

Its a New Year but the Vintage Rebellion team are back and doing what they do best.

Stuart and Simon are joined by Jon Aves for an interview to discuss his collecting and early years.  Jon is a huge Palitoy collector and some of the items he has owned have been nothing short of stunning.

Rich looks at a successful story as a repro seller gets his rewards, a plea ro help Wrighty find his parcel and then delves into the SWCA archive to discuss a mini-rig.

During this months New Acquisitions the lads discuss some bargain open bubble Palitoy figures, Star Wars Play-Doh, a listeners Girlfriend sorting him right out and a beautiful collecting friendship.  Plus the podcast is further enhanced with Chris Georgoulias and Ron Salvatore once again stepping up as The Vintage Rebellion Alliance to educate us all on the unreleased second wave of Ewoks and the iconic Landspeeder.

Continuing on from his fanzine article this month, Peter continues his delve into Star Wars unofficial computer games from the early 80s.

As always there is plenty more besides this, hope you enjoy the show!



The Fourth Holiday Special : The Last Podcast

December 23, 2017

The final podcast of 2017 from The Vintage Rebellion is full of festive cheer as we throw the format out the window and chat about all things Star Wars.

With a new movie released the boys discuss The Last Jedi, so if you haven't seen it yet beware there will be spoilers.  We also here from Michael Cooper, Jason Smith, Darren Quinn, Rob Marsh, Steve Savory, Corey Galal, Carl Dennis and Daniel Burgess on their initial reactions to the movie.

The boys take a fond look at some of the events they've attended this year from Celebration and Farthest Froms to Empire Day and Echo Live, and who can forget the FACTs trip!!!  Steve Savory acts as The Vintage Rebellion roaming reporter as he talks to starts of the screen in live interviews from Wantage Comic Con.

Stuart hosts a three part quiz over the course of the show to see who really is the second best man on the podcast after himself.  It will surprise you who finishes in last place, or probably not actually.

The team recollect the last 12 months of The podcast, as they look at the changes that have taken place as well as each member reflecting on their personal sections.

Jez recollects fond memories of his magnificent achievement as The Running Stormtrooper during 2017, including some unheard footage.

The team also take a look at their personal collecting journeys from the year and where they hope their collecting goes in 2018.

Shawn Moynihan joins up with Pete to create The Vintage Rebellion 12 days of Star Wars Christmas, something joyous to look out for during the show.

As well as all this we have plenty of chitter chatter, randomness and festive music for you to enjoy over the Christmas period.

We here at The Vintage Rebellion would like to wish each and every one of our listeners a stonking Christmas and a wonderful and healthy New Year.  Thank you for all your support, here's to the next 12 months!!!

Enjoy the Show!!

See you in 2018!


Episode 43 : To Newboldly Go Where No Fantha Has Gone Before!

December 16, 2017

The boys are back for the final normal structured podcast of 2017.  Mark newbold joins Stuart and Richard to discuss his new project Fantha Tracks, he also discusses Comics and toothbrushes, whilst also revealing stories from the stars of movies.

In the New Acquisitions section, Lee Bullock stops by to talk about his boxed Lili Ledy large size action figure Jawa.  The lads discuss a variety of vintage gems and are joined by Ron Salvatore as part of The Vintage Rebellion Alliance whilst covering the very underrated Y-Wing Fighter (not bomber).

In this months Rebel Briefings, Richard takes a look at the Mr Klimko auction, gives us an update on Carl Cunnigham whilst taking a look at Empire Day and David Prowse's last outing.

Simon's Senate return, and this month he's nailed his sound.  This month he is joined by Stephen Savory, Dan Tearle and Steve Magill as they delve into a Custom debate.

Pete takes a look at the Market whilst also bringing us Gimcrack of the month.

All this plus other gems, makes this another not to be missed edition of The Vintage Rebellion.

Enjoy the Show!!!


Episode 42 : The Empire Strikes 3 Pack

November 23, 2017

On this months show Stuart and Jez chat to Jesse Cedar Soberman about his collecting habits through the years, whilst they take a look at Jesse's obsession with the 3 packs.

Richard presents four stories during Rebel Briefings, looking at updates to current affairs from Grading Toni's to the neverending battles.

In the New Acquisitions section Jez is delighted to announce that The Vintage Rebellion Alliance has recruited another collecting legend; Ron Salvatore.  The lads cover a plethora of vintage purchases shown off on the forums and Facebook groups.  Items range from some fun vintage stickers to the Diecast Tie Bomber.  Collectors returning from the wilderness and others completing their loose run.  The section ends with an indepth discussion of the AT-ST Scout Walker.  Oh and Jez comes up with a concept for a new Facebook group, cuz we all need another one of those!

Simon and Richard attempt to win a Gimcrack badge in Market this month and beat other submissions from listeners.  Previous winners Jez and Stuart are conscious to not rest on their laurels.

This month sees the introduction of The Senate.  There's a healthy debate between JohnPaul Ragusa, Ian Cowley, Todd Osborn and Mark Baker about everyones love-to-hate topic, Toy Tonis.  Listen in for some well though out arguements enlightened thinking on the subject.

There is also a review of recent events the team have attended, Richard takes us through a look at the Echo Live event including some short chats with other attendees, whilst Stuart, Pete, Jez and Simon review their trip over to Belgium to attend the FACTs event.

All this plus much much more including a usual dose of whining from Jez.

Enjoy the show!!!


Episode 41 : I Have The Jawa

October 19, 2017

On the 41st edition of the Vintage Rebellion podcast Stuart and Richard chat to Jason West about all things Jawa, and find out some fascinating information neither have ever heard before.

In the New Acquisitions section the lads cover some wonderful purchases which have been shown off on the forums and Facebook.  The team is joined by Commander Clint Garniss who speaks about his recent trading card finds, Josh Lipscomb who has a wonderful story to tell about an entire 12bk find, 13 of them in fact.  plus once again, as part of the Vintage Rebellion Alliance Chris Georgoulias gives a wonderful narrative on 2 Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band concept items that we guaruntee you've never seen or heard about before.  Something truly special.

Rich takes time out to chat to james Gallo about one of the greatest Star Wars auctions of all time before the lads get together to have an old fashioned chinwag on the state of some loose figures.

Si takes his first spin at hosting the Quiz.  The team hope it will be his last as it successfully exposes them as a bunch of laser brains.

And the return of the market conitnues with a look at the recent propstore Auction whilst also returning is tracker top 5 and the new monthly Gimcracker award.

All this plus much much more on The Vintage Rebellion Podcast.


Enjoy the Show!!!!!



Episode 40 : Aren’t You A Little Shawn For A Stormtrooper

September 30, 2017

On this month's Vintage Rebellion Podcast, the team are joined by Shawn Moynihan for the main interview.  Shawn discusses a whole plethora of topics, including his love for The Holiday Special, putting marbles up astromechs bottoms and how he actually broke his jaw several years ago.  

Rich has the pleasure of talking to the best looking collector, if not in the Galaxy then certainly in the Southern Hemisphere on the latest updates of the reproduction blasters, whilst the team thrash out a lively debate on those collecting blues, which are rippling across the collecting circles with some great advice for those affected.

In this episodes packed New Acquisitions (NA) section, the team discuss a veritable banquet of vintage gorgeousness.  Too much to cover here in detail but the items include; Bargain carded figures, Meccano cardbacks, German drinking glasses, 12" Palitoy Fett, awesome Trilogo carded figures, a run of Model Trem Darth Vader variants and more fantastic items.  Jez is joined by 4 guests; Justin Lea gives us a great update on his Diecast Landspeeder collection, Iain Sanderson and an extra special guest braved the night of the Florida storms to tell us all about Iain's awesome looking ESB Yoda store display and finally Chris Georgoulias is the inaugural member to join exciting new concept 'The Vintage Rebellion Alliance', providing the crew with some fantastic information about Speeder Bike Prototypes, to supplement a discussion on possibly Kenner's most perfect Vintage vehicle.

The team also welcome back the return of Pete, who is in fine form.  Returning with Pete is of course the Market section where he introduces a new Gimcrack concept whilst we also see the return of his popular top five.

Welcome Home Pete...  It's family!


Episode 39 : A New Ho

August 21, 2017

The Vintage Rebellion returns with a plethra of changes.  Simon McOwan joins the team for his first show as a full time host, alongside Andy Goulding who joins the team as guest host for this month.

Derek Ho joins Stuart and Simon for this months main interview as we delve into his collection and growing up with Star Wars in Singapore.

The lads get together for possibly the most varied New Acquisitions yet, where the conversation ranges from the Popy range to Airfix kits.  Simon pulls a Hutchinson with a Palitoy catalogue, Richard speaks of a beater Kea Moll and gets introduced to Uncle Gundy beaties.  The main element is an in depth discussion on Luke Skywalker original... or is it Farmboy???

Rebel Briefings sees the guys bravely tell Ron Salvatore (from a good distance away) that he's got something wrong on a SWCA blog post.  This is followed up with a cracking interview on a diorama display and a closing of the baggiegate story... for now.

Grant says goodbye to the podcast with his final Beyond The Toys section, as he speaks with Jonathan McElwain for the concluding part of looking at food tie ins.

We also have a Farthest From special where we here from Edd Grant, Dan Burgess, Scott Cato, Stephen Savory, Darren Quinn and Jason Smith who all attended the show.

And watch out at the end as Episode 40 will see the team return to a permament five piece and we announce the final member to make up the crew.

We hope you enjoy the show.


Episode 38 : An Aussie, The Ashes and a Freaky Chewbacca

July 22, 2017

The boys return for their 38th episodic show with friend and fellow collector Simon McOwan joining the team for guest hosting duties.

Forget the Return of the Jedi, this month sees the Return of the Quiz, with accusations of cheating flying around on all sides!

Aussie Lee Harris takes a nostalgic look back at his childhood, whilst also discussing his current collecting stance, as well as depressing everyone with a tale of burning toys!

Grant is joined by Jonathan McElwain for the first part discussion on highlights for the US food market for the original Star Wars movie.  Jonathan is an expert so expect to learn a lot about a subject rarely discussed.  Yum, Yum!

In this months NA, Jez and the lads (plus an extra 2 special guests) discuss a variety of purchases including variants, some in the wild 3 pack finds, a lovely story which shows that even Cloud City Clouds can have a silver lining, and the mighty Imperial Shuttle gets the once over.

Rich has the pleasure to interview Ross Barr, the face of CAS and brings us 3 stories from the vintage collecting community.

So much rammed into just over 5 hours we hope you enjoy the show!!!!!!!


Episode 37 : Three Yak Faces and a Little Twist

June 27, 2017

If you thought last month's podcast was different, wait until you hear this one!

There are a few special one off changes, but we are not going to give away anymore than that.

Rich brings us an exciting, nay, game changing update on something which was hypothesised last month.

Rich is joined by a plethora of guests with Josh Blake and Bill Wills kicking it all off discussing a little known droids factory mockup.  This is closely followed by Stephen Danley talking about his new website, facebook group and podcast as we discuss, Star Wars at the movies.  We join Jamie Brown for a quick GW Acrylic update, but wrap up discussing the chances of a new fake in the hobby.

Jez hosts yet another ram jammed New Acquisitions section with items ranging from $1 figures and car boot sale finds to extremely rare Hungarian carded Fetts and Uzay ERGs.  There is discussion about an amazing line up of Die Cast Landspeeders and the crew have a huge nostalgia #hit with some special vintage items, and the lads take a look at Darth Vaders Star Destroyer.

This month Richard is hit with the Rapid Fire questions and is truly called out as a MOC collector.

Join us and our 7 guests for what may be the biggest temporary shakeup since George Lucas dropped the revenge title in 1982!








Episode 36 : Steve SanSavory

May 23, 2017

The Vintage Rebellion returns after a short hiatus to bring you an extended edition of the show.  Sadly the Podcast starts with the departure of one of the team as we say farewell to Pete.

Steve Savory joins us for this months interview as we discuss Pinewood Studios, Instagram and his Han Solo focus amongst many other topics.

Grant is joined by Chris Fawcett in Beyond The Toys, as they take a look at the history of Star Wars represented in the arcades, along with an insight into their appeal.

In this months Rebel Briefings, Edd Grant joins Richard to examine whether professional restoration will ever be acceptable, whilst updating the community with news on a theft and finish with some highlights from both Star Wars days.

On New Acquisitions, Jez once again leads our rebellion through the forums and facebook groups to discuss some recent gems added to various colelctions.  Plus there is even more evidence that Richards jokes aren't funny.

As well as all this we review Celebration Orlando and take a look back at the Running Stormtroopers achievements since the last show.

Kick back and enjoy The Vintage Rebellion.



Table of Contents

00hr 01m 11   Podcast Welcomes

00hr 01m 48   Farewell to a Podcasting friend

00hr 06m 34   Celebration of Celebration Orlando

00hr 41m 52   Podcast acquisitions

00hr 52m 37   Rebel Briefings

00hr 53m 29   RB : Will restorartion ever be acceptable?  with guest Edd Grant

01hr 12m 41   RB : Stolen Rocket Fett returned

01hr 17m 22   RB : Star Wars Day events

01hr 31m 14   RB : Baggiegate Update

01hr 36m 08   Interview with collector Steve Savory

02hr 30m 47   Song of the Month : Tonight We Break In

02hr 34m 42   New Acquisitions

03hr 46m 31   Beyond The Toys : Arcade Machines with Chris Fawcett

04hr 58m 23   Stormtrooper Run Concludes

05hr 19m 44   Special with Richard

05hr 23m 44   Rapid Fire with Steve Savory

05hr 28m 44   Podcast Rapid Fire question

05hr 31m 34   Feedback

05hr 40m 21   Podcast Close

05hr 42m 11   Out takes


Episode 35 : Tales From Jabba’s Palace

April 10, 2017

The Vintage Rebellion bring you Episode 35 in time for everyones pilgrimage to Celebration.

Talking of Celebration, Rich brings you a breakdown of the event in this months Rebel Briefings including a rundown on Everything Vintage taking place.  He also gives us a further update on the baggie affair.

Stuart and Grant are joined by Mark Baker and Karl Dix, admins on the popular Jabba Facebook groups, to discuss their collecting habits, memories and of course the groups themselves.

Jez takes a voyage through the Star Wars range from 21bk releases right up to POTF figures which were only released in Australia. The team get together to have a great discussion on the little loved Imperial Cruiser, the forgotten brother of the Imperial Transport.
All this plus much more.
Enjoy Celebration and Enjoy the show!!!!