STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast
Episode 68 : Behaynd Thunderdome

Episode 68 : Behaynd Thunderdome

January 27, 2020

"We don't need another hero, we don't need to know the way home, All we want is to hear a podcast about vintage Star Wars collecting with an interview with Justin Haynie and Jenn Thunders(dome)" Catchy rendition of that famous theme tune, no? Richard catches up with these two awesome collectors whilst we are joined by the Andy's, Preston and Spoons (Norton in real life) for hosting duties. 

In Rebel Briefings Richard highlights a mysterious tale of a price sticker, we share Gary Smith's completion of an incredible collection and a discussion breaks out on how best to display a much loved action figure. 

Memories of ice lollies in Licence to Thrill as Pete delves into Andy Preston's sticky wrapper enthusiasm of Lyons Maid and sees if there's anything still worth tasting. 


Episode 67 : Marshalling the Troops

Episode 67 : Marshalling the Troops

December 31, 2019

It's Christmas, it's the end of the decade, it's the end of the Skywalker saga. If you want to hear us talk about any of that, then buy us a pint and ask us on a date. Instead, episode 67 sees Rich and Pete joined by Edd Grant and Mark Daniels to talk Vintage Star Wars collecting and pretty much nothing else. 

Main interview is Graham Marshall who we found on eBay selling off Episode 1 Amidala Cereal boxes to Peter then enticed him into his house for food on the promise of showing him his Empire MOCs.

Richard briefs his rebels through a review of Dave Tree's Farthest From and then we review 2019 before heading into the new decade.  This month's licensee talk is all about RSO and the many different items available for collecting.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the last episode of the decade! 

Episode 66 : My Little Buddy Fett

Episode 66 : My Little Buddy Fett

November 28, 2019

November 2019s Vintage Rebellion podcast welcomes Jason Smith to the regular hosts. Mark Daniels had to drop out through a sniffle but we managed to Press-Gang Craig Spivey for Jason's 'Adventure Game' style quiz. 

Craig's main reason for joining us is to talk about this month's Licensee focus of Letraset. It's not just a focus, its a fundamental blast through a much loved range of products. The notes supplied for this may well be the most comprehensive ever seen. You do not want to miss it, nether do you want to do anything other than gather a few brews for the main interview where Richard interviews Australia's Blake Edgerton, a journey through collecting in Australia and setting up as an independent dealer.

Amongst all the usual fun podcast shenanigans we look forward to Dave Tree's Farthest From in Fordingbridge during the weekend of November 30th (beer) and December 1st (Vintage Toy Show). The podcast will be presenting an exclusive poster and flogging issue 4 of our fanzine 'It Came From The Loft'. Andy Preston has donated his Dairylea badge as a free cover prize (subject to availability). 

This month its 4 hours and 45 minutes of vintage sausage that you simply cannot get anywhere else. 

Episode 65 : Close Encounters of the Plastic Kind

Episode 65 : Close Encounters of the Plastic Kind

October 24, 2019

The Vintage Rebellion welcome Andrew Preston and Jason Smith to take us through Episode 65 as this months rotating guests. Andrew brings us some very special guest interviews from Echo Live: from the Original Trilogy and the collecting world. 

Pete sits down to talk about MOCs ("Mint on Cards" if you are American) with Jonathan Robinson during this months main interview.

Rich is helped out this month on Rebel Briefings as Jason Smith talks Kellerman Matrix v. 2 with Stephane Faucourt and we all give our opinions on the recent Echo Live event.

License to thrill continues looking at a license that Rich is particularly fond of - Kelloggs.  Jonathan McElwain brings his knowledge to the section to bring order to our cornflake chaos.

All this plus the usual quizzes, Rapid Fire and shenanigans

Enjoy the Show!!!

28:36 Echo interviews
34:53 Auction Talk
35:20 Horsing around with a helmet in Daventry at the Propstore
48:14 Vectis 
53:42 Quiz

01:09:52 No apologies from Captain Needa
01:13:55 NA New Format
01:31:25 Rebel Briefings
02:18:19 More Echo's from Redditch
02:23:59 Main Interview with Jonathan Robinson
03:30:12 Licence to Thrill - Kelloggs
03:55:35 Rapid Fire with Jonathan Robinson
03:58:31 Outro and stuff






Episode 64 : Death Alistair Droid

Episode 64 : Death Alistair Droid

September 24, 2019

The Vintage Rebellion welcome Andrew Preston and Mark Daniels to take us through Episode 64 as this months rotating guests.

Alistair Kirkland takes Stuart and Richard through his expansive and impressive collection during this months main interview, Stuart's delighted as Alistair is a Sigma nut who has recently finished his Sigma run.

Rich is joined by Ben Sheehan as they take a look at the new book from Kim Simmons.  As well as this Rich guides us through his time at the Star Wars Annual event before celebrating the fact that Farthest From has a Christmas date.

Pete continues his License to thrill section, this month looking at a license close to his heart and focus, Deka.

NA sees the lads look at a whole array of items including Walkie Talkies, Huffy Push Bikes and Knitted Cardigans and finishes with a focal look at Boba Fett.

All this plus the usual quizzes, Rapid Fire and a countdown to the awesome Echo Live event.

And much more inbetween.

Enjoy the Show!!!


Show Time Stamps

0.00.53   Welcomes
0.03.31   Thank You To The Listeners
0.04.48   Trailer Discussion (Ep9 and Madalorian)
0.11.57   Echo Live
0.14.18   Chance Meeting with Stuart Freeborn
0.23.02   TVR Acquisitions
0.37.49   Quiz
1.06.00   Rebel Briefings
1.06.55   Interview with Ben Sheehan (Kim Simmons Book)
1.33.17   Star Wars Annual Review
2.09.57   Farthest From Announced
2.15.09   Interview with Alistair Kirkland
3.14.51   License To Thrill : Deka
3.44.32   Newest Acquisitions
3.44.48   NA - Sears Diecast Landspeeder Mailer
3.45.46   NA - Boba Fett Hand Knitted Cardigan
3.48.33   NA - Toy Toni Gamorrean Guard
3.53.43   NA - Huffy Push Bike
4.01.59   NA - Oral B Store Display
4.07.25   NA - Sheet Music
4.13.20   NA - Ralph McQuarrie ESB Portfolio
4.17.49   NA - Actone Walkie Talkies
4.20.41   NA - Main Topic : Boba Fett
4.53.56   Star Wars Tracker Top 5
4.55.27   From The Vault : From Ep22 with Brian Rachfal and Brendi Burton
5.31.51   Rapid Fire with Alistair Kirkland
5.34.55   Going for Gold Leader
5.37.25   Feedback
5.43.12   Podcast Departure
5.44.53   Goodbyes
5.46.58   Out Takes

Episode 63 : MetropoChris

Episode 63 : MetropoChris

August 22, 2019

The Vintage Rebellion rumbles on post Jexit, as Stuart, Richard and Pete are joined by two of the five rotating guest hosts, this month we welcome Edd Grant and Jason Smith on board to help us with the void that Jez leaves.

Pete takes control of the interview this month as he completes his trilogy of Toy Shop interviews, this time it is Chris Molbon for Metropolis that joins him for a chat.

Richard is joined by David Quinn, Dan Loisell and Brent Scothmer to discuss this years ICCC event and what will be different from last years.  Rich also looks at a fantastic fund raising raffle over on Tantive as well as an early look at 'The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker Project'.  With help from attendee Jason, Rich also reviews the recent LFCC event.

Pete introduces his new section, 'License to Thrill', where he looks at one vintage license each month.  This month sees UK show company, Clarks, delved into, but why no shoes from Clarks in the UK during the line?  Baffling!!!

Newest Acquisitions returns without it's natural leader, but the lads take on a shorter section looking at Kenner Lightsabers, John Menzies, Dairylea, beater MOCs and Handmade figures before finishing with their main topic, this month it's the Kenner Death Star, and as always we have The Vintage Alliance drop by to help us out once again, this time we hear from Ron Salvatore.

As well as all this we hear the TVR shenanigans on a recent Star Wars weekender and as usual the quiz.  thanks to grant sharing the back seat of a car with Stuart we also see the return of the song!!!

All this plus much more on this months Vintage Rebellion Podcast.

Enjoy the Show!



00.00.53.   Welcomes
00.04.17.   TVR Acquisitions
00.18.21.   TVR Weekend Get Together
00.31.22.   Terms : "Entry Level" MOCs
00.34.01.   Luke Stormtrooper Trilogo :  Black or Blue/Black blasters?
00.36.41.   Quiz
00.59.14.   Rebel Briefings
01.00.13.   RB : ICCC19 with David Quinn, Dan Loisell and Brent Scothmer
02.01.20.   RB : Tantive the Forum Raffle
02.03.51.   RB : The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker Project
02.07.28.   RB : LFCC Review
02.12.15.   Interview with Chris Molbon of Metropolis
03.14.53.   License to Thrill : Clarks
03.55.43.   Song
03.59.14.   Newest Acquisitions
03.59.36.   NA : Kenner Lightsaber
04.03.04.   NA : John Menzies
04.16.03.   NA : Dairylea
04.24.03.   NA : Beater Hoth Stormtrooper MOC
04.29.53.   NA : 1978 Handmade Figure Set
04.33.20.   NA : Main Topic - Kenner Death Star featuring Ron Salvatore of The Vintage Alliance
05.00.57.   Star Wars Tracker Top 5
05.02.17.   Going for Gold Leader
05.07.35.   Feedback
05.15.59.   Thank Yous / next Two Hosts Announced / Goodbyes
05.21.33.   Out Takes

Episode 62 : Benny Potter and the Temple of Doom

Episode 62 : Benny Potter and the Temple of Doom

July 26, 2019

Episode 62 features an interview with not one but two collectors and traders.  joining Stuart and Richard is Richard Temple and Ben Potter, owners of Toys of Tatooine.  The lads discuss trading, collecting, oddball items as well as delving into numerous finds including a 380 Logray MOC find.

Rebel Briefings sees Rich tackle all the important issues from around the hobby over the last four weeks.  He takes us through a look at Modern pre-Production Items, Shill bidding accounts which were recently exposed, asks the question whether grading companies are favourable to repeat customers and we say a sad farewell to one of the podcast team.

Jez blows us away with the by far the longest Newest Acquisitions ever, a hole host of items are discussed, from helix Pencil Sharpeners to an array of MOCs.  he then delves into an in depth look at cardbacks and finally rounds off the section with a look at the X-Wing where the Rebel Alliance drop by to help out.

Pete continues the X-Wing loving in Beyond the Newest Acquisitions, so many non toy items feature the x-wing, what will the big man pick out to discuss?

As well as all this we have the usual quizzes, hear about the disappointment of no summer Farthest From and take a look at a diorama that has been built using an old playset base.  All this plus much much more on this months Vintage Rebellion.

Enjoy the show!!!



0.  04.  23   TVR team acquisitions
0.  23.  53.  No summer Farthest From!
0.  34.  45.  Congratulations to Chive Cast Skye Paine
0.  35.  05.  TVR now available on Spotify
0.  35.  35.  Dioramas using recycled parts
0.  45.  05.  Quiz
1.  15.  02.  Rebel Briefings
1.  15.  57.  Modern Preproduction
1.  28.  06.  Shill Bidding exposed
1.  53.  01.  Do grading companies favour repeat customers?
2.  01.  27.  Podcast departure
2.  15.  10.  Interview with Richard Temple and Ben Potter
3.  20.  15.  Newest Acquisitions
4.  02.  33.  Cardbacks (part of NA)
4.  44.  03.  x-Wing (part of NA) (joined by Chris G from Vintage Alliance)
5.  41.  11.  Beyond the Newest Acquisitions
6.  04.  19.  Star Wars Tracker Top 5
6.  05.  55.  Going for Gold Leader
6.  11.  41.  Feedback
6.  54.  13.  Out takes

Episode 61 : A Long Time Ago…

Episode 61 : A Long Time Ago…

June 27, 2019

Episode 61 celebrates The Vintage Rebellion's 5 Year Anniversary.  Joining the team to take you through this milestone episode are two special guest hosts which listeners should be familiar with!

Instead of a main focus interview this month, Stuart takes us through an array of stories from a selection of the interviews he has undertaken over the last 60 episodes, we hear from Matthew Fox, Ron Salvatore, Mattias Rendahl and Lee Bullock amongst many others and their memorable tales.

Rebel Briefings sees Richard joined by Brian Angel for a corker of a story, whilst the boys also look at what is going on in the hobby with the amount of new groups springing up and the negativity between some of those groups, what does the future of the hobby hold with the current climate.

Jez brings us his Newest Acquisitions, looking at a multitude of items from Creature Cantina Playsets through to Australian Roller boots and finishing as always with a focal topic, this month it's the B-Wing, Stephen Danley drops by to offer his knowledge on the ship.

Pete continues looking at the B-Wing in 'Beyond The Newest Acquisitions', as the boys realise how little the B-Wing appeared on across the oddball items.

All this plus much more as the boys look at how it all sorted and can Jez not finish bottom of a quiz when there's an extra two people to take that mantle from him... Surely... Maybe...

Enjoy the Show!!!

Episode 60 : “Execute Order Sixty-Spinnickie”

Episode 60 : “Execute Order Sixty-Spinnickie”

May 23, 2019

With Celebration now a distant memory the boys return to the usual format for Episode 60.  The team start with a reflection on Peter Mayhew who we've sadly lost since the last show.

Anthony Spinnickie joins Stuart and Richard to discuss his Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker focuses and how he got involved with Chive Cast and their social media amongst many other topics.

In this months Newest Acquisitions the lads look at a whole array of items, including a ray gun!  Rich explains about a fantastic gift give to Adam Pemberton at Echo Live and there is understandably a look at some Chewbacca items that have been purchased including the height of Star Wars fashion items: The Chewbacca Bandolier Strap.

Pete keeps the Chewbacca love going during 'Beyond the Newest Acquisitions' as we find some amazing oddball items of the beloved wookiee.

Rebel Briefings sees Richard look at the world of Protomolds and the fantastic article produced by Ben Sheehan as well as revisiting last months Vectis Auction.

As well as all this we talk Hakes and Echo Live as well as the usual quiz and much much more.

Enjoy the Show!!!


Episode 59 : Aftermath

Episode 59 : Aftermath

April 30, 2019

Episode 59 drops but we have to be clear with all our listeners from the outset, this is not a usual format show, this is 100% a revisit to Celebration in Chicago from the start of April, if you have no interest in this topic then miss this one out, we will be back earlier in May with the usual format show.

A shorter show where the boys sit around and discuss Celebration 2019, from Room Sales and the Show Floor to Chicago and our Acquisitions and everything in between.  We hear from Shawn Moynihan, Daniel Burgess, Dallas Ewen, Jeff Kahan, Jason Smith, Josh Arber and Dario John Balsamo with their experiences of the show too.

There is the usual quiz, but we have placed it in the outro so listen on at the end for half hour of needless shenanigans.

Enjoy the Show!!!

Episode 58 : Celebrating Celebration

Episode 58 : Celebrating Celebration

March 27, 2019

With Star Wars Celebration in Chicago on the horizon the TVR team mash up a normal feeling show with Celebration.

In place of an interview this month we have a Celebration Roundtable where Chris Fawcett, Ron Salvatore and Chris Georgoulias join Stuart and Richard to talk Chicago, Collecting Track, Star Tots and previous Celebrations amongst many other topics, Ron also relays a wonderful story of a rocket firing Fett, David Mandel and a random passing Stormtrooper!!!

Richard looks at this years Collecting track in Rebel Briefings but is also joined by Matt George, Gary Borbridge and Stephen Ward for a fascinating look at their new book 'Engineering an Empire', and trust me, after hearing these three discuss it you'll be ordering it there and then!

Jez returns to England to host a mammoth Newest Acquisitions segment where he looks at a host of great purchases from knock off Jabba pipes and ESB Paperweights through to Greek Han Solo blasters with so much awesome stuff in between.  The team end the section as always with a focus item, this month something the whole crew adore as they delve into the Taun Taun and Ron from the Vintage Alliance drops by for a second time in the show to give it that extra information.

Pete continues the love for the Taun Taun in Beyond the Newest Acquisitions, he looks at Lee Wards, Craftmaster and Sigma amongst other items before delivering his popular tracker top five on the hottest Taun Taun items.

As well as all this we look at other stories in the hobby, quiz hosted by Jez so obviously that's an extended section!  Plus a better look at Celebration where Jez gets Uppity about a title for episode 9 leak.

All this plus much much more!!!

Enjoy the Show!!!

Episode 57 : Rebellions Are Built On Cope

Episode 57 : Rebellions Are Built On Cope

February 24, 2019

Episode 57 sees Star Wars Tracker developer Jared Cope join Stuart & Pete to discuss his collecting, coins, Australia and of course Tracker.

Rebel Briefings this month sees the team delve into the jaw dropping Prop Store Toy Auction as they look at some of the items that are available as well as being in awe of the information that is included in the auction catalogue.  Richard leads the team through some other topics too as they look at R5-D4 Pre-Production, the Podcast stage at Celebration and Chicago and offer their thoughts on the new 'Retro Line' from Hasbro.

During Newest Acquisitions the team are joined by Mark Daniels to discuss his latest pick up, a Mint in Box Laser Rifle with red insert and also speak of the purple insert version.  As well as this they look at the Pendulum Press Kit again and appreciate the work that Jason Langendorfer is doing to present the audio of this item, they look at Ron Cobb Color Vision book where Pete's loving for the man gets uncomfortable and we look at an amazing Lili Ledy haul picked up by Oscar Galaz, Jez shout outs many other awesome and inspiring purchases before the team settle down for the main topic of the month, the A-Wing, where Ron Salvatore from the Vintage Rebellion Alliance drops by to help the team out with the facts.

Pete continues the A-Wing loving during 'Beyond the Newest Acquisitions' where we look at what the A-Wing appeared on, Comic covers, MPC Kits, VHS tapes, he's got it covered before bringing us the Tracker top five of A-Wing items.

As well as all this we have the usual delights, we have a Celebration update, the usual quizzes and we hear just what the team had as children and what happened to those toys that inspired their collections today.

Enjoy the show!!!

Episode 56 : *Action Figures Not Included

Episode 56 : *Action Figures Not Included

January 29, 2019

The first show of 2019 arrives with all four of the crew present, delivering a packed show.

Darren Mcaleese joins Stuart and Richard for the main interview this month, the larger than life character discusses a host of topics from events and the community to Trilogo Madines and modern with some wonderful tales in between.

During Rebel Briefings we look at a host of topics and items that the team have been tagged in over the last few months but sadly couldn't have fitted into earlier shows before we discuss the Bib Fortuna blog on SWCA and Toploading bubble protectors.

Newest Acquisitions is full of guests as Evan Hoyt Wasserstrom chats about his Huffy Speeder Bike, Andrew Norton drops by to tell us about his ROTJ T-Shirt he found at a toy fair and Steve Savory tells us how he has completed a MOC run in which the final piece he has been looking for for 3 years!  Alongside this we look at a 12 back with 32 back sticker, a graded Luke X-Wing Pilot MOC, Canadian Colour and Shapes on Cassette, whilst looking at Carl Dennis's top work on Yavin.  As well as all this the team finish with a look at the Rancor monster, Richard proves what a mad man he is as he states it's the worst of all the creatures and the Vintage Alliance drop by to blow us away with more information on the caged beast than we could have hoped for.

Pete continues the Rancor loving by going further into other lines, in particular a Vintage Bootleg Soft Vinyl Model Kit is the pick of the bunch.

On top of all this we have the usual quizzes, a Celebration update, as well as discussing bubbles that get damaged in transit and where the liability lies.

All this plus much more on The Vintage Rebellion.

Enjoy the show!!!

Episode 55 : Rockin’ Roundster The Christmas Tree

Episode 55 : Rockin’ Roundster The Christmas Tree

December 23, 2018

The final episode of the year from the Vintage Rebellion lands with a shorter than usual show (although still longer than most others).

Stuart and Richard are joined by Brit Paul Davis A.K.A. Roundster, for this months main interview where they discuss a whole host of topics including several various focuses Paul has had on his collecting journey.

Richard looks at three stories from the hobby on Rebel Briefings, starting with Diecast and finishing with Vectis with a Battles issue sandwiched inbetween.

The NA is shorter this month but still takes a look at Comb and Keepers, Spanish Man bags, Gumball Machines and bargain loose figures before finishing off with the main topic, with the help of Vintage Alliance member Ron Salvatore, they look at The Ewok Battle Wagon.

Continuing on as always on 'Beyond the Newest Acquisitions' Pete looks at all things non toy related to The Ewok Wagon and other wagons belonging to the hairy bears.

We also take a fond look at the Christmas Farthest From event which was the prefect end to the Star Wars year and Stuart let's fly at two members of the community and a poor facebook group.

All this plus many other treats on this months TVR.

Enjoy the show!!!

The Fifth Holiday Special : Talking a Load of Baubles

The Fifth Holiday Special : Talking a Load of Baubles

December 8, 2018

The Fifth Holiday Special from The Vintage Rebellion sees the lads gather round a table with a Snowball to discuss 2018 and 2019 with regards to the hobby, events, collecting and the podcast.

Stuart is joined by Edd Grant to reflect on Star Wars Forum UKs 2018 and then alongside Richard they are joined by UK Facebook admins Mark Baker, Mark Daniels and Jason Smith to reflect once again on 2018 from a Facebook point of view.

In amongst all the chit chat is this years end quiz as the TVR Eggheads Team (Jez, Richard, Pete, Steve and Simon), take on a team of challengers from the community (Andrew Norton, Marc Hockley, Jason Smith, Scott Cato and Rob Marsh), can the Eggheads be beaten?  Listen in to find out.

We wish everyone a huge Merry Christmas from everyone at The Vintage Rebellion Podcast!

Enjoy the show!!!

Episode 54 : Paliboys do Palitoys

Episode 54 : Paliboys do Palitoys

November 29, 2018

Vintage Rebellion return with a slightly different format than normal.  This month there is no focus interview after Richard and Pete were able to attend the Palitoy presentation in Coalville with former employees of the toy company.  In place of the interview we hear the presentation in its entirety instead.  

Although no interview we show does have a familiar feel to it outside of that change with Richard discussing the unearthing of some old photos in the 99p Woolworths baggie scandal, as well as catching up with friend of the show, Stephane Faucourt to discuss his latest upcoming book.

Jez returns with his usual NA section where the team talk Posters, displays, Sigma, Cinema tickets and Koolee Cups before rounding the month off with a look at the Imperial Dignitary figure, do you love him or hate him?  The boys have differing opinions and none more so than Vintage Alliance member, Ron Salvatore, as Ron gives us his take of the greatest last 17 figure.

Pete continues the Imperial Dignitary loving during 'Beyond the Newest Acquisitions', as he looks at the alternate collectibles for the would be Imperial Dignitary focus collectors before delivering his tracker top five.

As well as all this the boys discuss bleaching of figures, Jez lets himself down by having a meltdown during another quiz, and more general Star Wars chit chat.

Enjoy the Show!!!

Episode 53 : Taking The Droids To Isengard

Episode 53 : Taking The Droids To Isengard

October 31, 2018

The Vintage Rebellion's 53rd episode lands with some disappointing news with regards to a member of the team.  However, the other four crack on and smash out another show just in time before October ends.

David Phillips joins Stuart and Richard from New Zealand to discuss his work with WETA, his love of droids and a huge find in the wild amongst many other topics.

Rebel Briefings is packed to the hilt as Richard chats with Chris Fawcett about two fascinating topics, he is then joined by Robin Bocra to discuss the new Jordan Hembrough show where he visits and interviews Star Wars fans and collectors.

Newest Acquisitions is packed as always as the team look at an assortment of recent pick ups from Presto Magix Kits through to separation color sheets for Boba Fett MOC.  The boys finish with a look at the Dagobah playset with help from The Vintage Rebellion Alliance.

Pete continues delving into Dagobah items as he takes a look at the oddball items associated with the swamp planet during Beyond the Newest Acquisitions.

As an added extra this month, Steve Savory serves up an Echo Live Special as he records with traders and guests from the recent show including Echo base founder Adam Pemberton.

All this plus an awful lot more on this months Vintage Rebellion.

Enjoy the Show!!!!!!

Episode 52 : Seahawks, Star Wars and the Vintage Crusade

Episode 52 : Seahawks, Star Wars and the Vintage Crusade

September 30, 2018

Episode 52 lands a little later than usual but we're delighted to be able to confirm that even though overseas, Jez has managed to join us and record the entire show!!!  So hopefully the show will be worth the wait.

Stuart and Richard are joined by Jason Langendorfer for this months interview, Jason discusses his collecting habits with the boys in depth including telling us about his recent visit to Redwood Forest whilst discussing his photography of the toys we all love, from the photos he snapped back in the 1980s through to the recent snaps he continues to take.

During Rebel Briefings, Richard delves into a current hot topic as we discuss when deals go sour, from the selling of suspect baggie mailers through to figures being sold for suspect scammers, the boys delve in and offer honest opinions on the recent debacle.  The team also look at a host of other topics during Rebel Briefings which include the recent Vectis auction and Palitoy Landfill dream amongst many others.

He may be serving overseas but Jez still manages to bring his usual Newest Acquisitions section where he looks at items including Blue Snaggletooth through to Australian Pizza Hutt glasses, whilst also being joined by Andrew Carrick, Scott Bacon and Clint Garniss to discuss their recent purchases.  The team take time to look at Hammerhead in more depth this month, with Ron Salvatore from the Vintage Rebellion Alliance stopping by to offer his expertise on the figure.

Following on from the Hammerhead discussion, Pete takes a look at the other oddball items associated with Hammerhead during 'Beyond the Newest Acquisitions'.  The Frito Lay sticker from Puerto Rico is a truly stunning piece.

All this plus much more on this months Vintage Rebellion Podcast.

Enjoy the Show!!!

Episode 51 : There’s Klingons On The Viewport Bow

Episode 51 : There’s Klingons On The Viewport Bow

August 22, 2018

After last months epic seven hour plus podcast the Vintage Rebellion return with a far more manageable time.  It's just a 4 man team this month as Simon goes on a soul searching mission to make himself an actual likeable individual.

Rebel Commando focus collector and host of Sixth Scale Scavengers Podcast join Stuart and Richard to discuss his collection and his collecting habits.

Rebel Briefings is jam packed as Richard takes us through several topics including reproduction M.O.C.s and Canadian Jigsaw puzzles amongst many others.

A shorter Newest Acquisitions section as Jez gets ready to set sail, but the team look at an array of items from the Death Star World Micro Collection and Die Cast Landspeeders through to the MTV-7 which the team cover in depth with added input from the Vintage Alliance.  Andrew Norton and Clint Garniss also stop by to discuss their recent acquisitions.

And Pete brings us a Gimcrack Listener Special.

All this plus much more on this months Vintage Rebellion Podcast!

Enjoy the show!!!

Episode 50 : The Other 88 Said “No”

Episode 50 : The Other 88 Said “No”

July 30, 2018

It's The Vintage Rebellions 50th Episode, so we launch with an extended episode (yes extended if you can believe that) to celebrate the milestone with no less than 9 (yes NINE) guests.  The team welcome a whole array of guests to celebrate.

Chris Porteous joins Stuart and Richard for this months interview as the boys discuss Canadian items, Tantive forum and Quebec items as well as many other things.

In the New Acquisitions section the lads are joined by not 1 but 5 guests, all welcomed on to share their knowledge.  The items discussed range from mint carded figures to Star Wars arcade games, from store displays to everyone's favourite Twin Pod Cloud Car.

Rebel Briefings covers a range of new discoveries in the community including some amazing store displays.  You'll be bangers to miss it.

It's a bumper Beyond the Newest Acquisitions where we scour the collecting universe for Twin Pod Cloud Car collectables, and in Gimcrack Richard pulls all the wrong strings.

Simon waxes lyrical (drones on) about more exciting and varied eBay sales, gets all animated about the amount of bargains turning up at UK salesrooms, is (thankfully) speechless regarding the recent Hakes sale and speaks to Mark Daniels who 'fesses up about running the re-seal market.

It's a podcast full of records, as this month's quiz is so long it could be a podcast in its own right.

To end this special edition we welcome back to speak to Edd Grant in this months What's New Pussycat as we revisit his collecting habits since we spoke to him three years ago.

All this plus all the usual shenanigans and banter.

Enjoy the show!