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Episode 89 : State of the Rogue 4 (Hobbie)

Episode 89 : State of the Rogue 4 (Hobbie)

November 29, 2021
The boys open with a brief retrospective on the trailer of The Book of Boba Fett. With a plethora of vintage morsels, was it enough to entice or repel?
The Action Figure face-off features two of our favourite furry friends. No, not Jason Smith and Andy Preston, but Logray and Romba. But can the more passionate defences for the AT-AT Commander and Yoda send those fuzzballs packing. Who wins? Only Richard can decide. 
Following a Squid game inspired quiz from Jason Smith, Rebel Briefings with Richard Hutchinson is jam packed with stories. Ranging from the latest baggie drama, prices, Star Wars online content, through to a tribute to recently deceased Gerald Home. But kicking the section off, Andrew 'Spoons' Norton catches up with Darren Chucas to talk the Biking Scout. Did Spoons really see a member of the Empire's woodland forces cycling along the Mumbles Road? Darren explains all, and how he is cycling ten circuits of the Death Star in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust.
Replacing an interview this month, the team decided to sit down, choose a smoothly warming beverage and talk about the State of the Hobby:- Where we are, where we want to be and where we might end up.  A much warranted visit to Jared Cope’s Star Wars tracker gives us a look at the value of putting together a loose collection in 2021 and a look back at price fluctuations from 2013 to present day. Its a belter. 
Time is very much the essence in the Licensee section where Bradley Time watches, clocks and the odd ruler get the once over from the team. 
Its a blistering bumper chunkster of Vintage Star Wars Collecting. 
Episode 87 : Grand Moff Parkins

Episode 87 : Grand Moff Parkins

November 25, 2021

The hosts are pondering a question of ethics - how should pursuing our hobby influence our public behaviour?

Moving swiftly on, there are a plethora of new acquisitions from the team this month, and some great shout-outs from around the world wide web, including an excellent new collection room, and an unexpected Canadian discovery.

Action Figure Face-Off features two Droids, a Gunner, and a smooth talking Smuggler. Who will emerge victorious?

The lads discuss all the latest goings-on in the collecting world including a retrospective of the recent collecting event Echo Base Live, and interviews with the traders, punters, organisers and special guests.

Jason and Spoons have paid a visit to Milton Keynes for the grand opening of Jason Joiner’s National Film and Sci-Fi Museum, and Rich catches up with Ron Salvatore to delve into Micro Collection minutiae.

The licensee section sees the boys revealing their childhood reading habits and favourite literature, and moving on to look at British publisher Sphere, who released the paperback novels and tie-ins for Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. The books themselves, and the associated store displays and related materials, are all featured.

The feature interview this month is with Star Wars artist, collector, and costumer Marsha Parkins, talking about her influences, her artwork for Topps and other publishers, attending events, and her love for that galaxy far, far away. All this and the regular banter and bluster, look out for the podcast in the normal places.

Episode 86 : Star Wars and Hutch

Episode 86 : Star Wars and Hutch

November 25, 2021

The lads are in a nostalgic mood this month with a look back at Celebration Europe 3, which was 5 years ago this month. Panels, exhibits, costumes, celebs, swag and socials are all reminisced.

Some great new acquisitions are discussed, from the team and elsewhere, and there’s a feisty Action Figure Face-Off - can anyone beat The Fett?

In Rebel Briefings the team discusses the sale of the podcast’s spiritual home the Star Wars Forum U.K., celebrates the launch of the Variant Villain website, notes the sad deterioration in the health of Star Wars author JW Rinzler, and looks forward to the first big U.K. collecting event post-Covid, Echo Live.

For the Licensee section the boys take a trip to the land down under, and look at the Toltoys releases in Australia and New Zealand, making some surprising discoveries along the way.

This month’s main interview guest is our very own Richard Hutchinson who unbelievably up til now has never had a feature interview. The lads discuss flat caps, whippets, R5-D4, Celebrations, the Expanded Universe and how not to get beaten up in the frozen North.

All this with the regular banter and bluster, look out for the podcast in the normal places.

Episode 88 : Bocra Fett

Episode 88 : Bocra Fett

October 14, 2021

Rich has spotted a photo on Facebook, taken in a Far East factory, where a team of workers are busy assembling Star Wars figures. The lads discuss what insights this might have for our hobby, and whether it might affect our thinking about Star Wars toys.

There’s a boisterous Action Figure Face-Off, and the team discuss some brilliant acquisitions from the past month, around the world of vintage collecting, including a great tale of a prototype action figure case which sat un-noticed in a collection for years.

Andy Spoons comes up trumps with a great quiz that has the guys really exercising the old brain cells.

In a busy Rebel Briefings section, the lads catch up on recent events in the collecting world including new Droids figures in Hasbro’s Vintage Collection, new PBP and Meccano books, a wealth of great Star Wars TV shows to watch and await, and looking forward to Dave Tree’s Farthest From collecting event in December.

Pete and Andy are joined by collector, fan, and Bespin Prime owner Robin Bocra to chat about her experiences growing up in the galaxy far, far away, collecting down the years, Facebook fun, and her amazing collection of toys, oddball items and props.

There’s another far flung licensee section this month, all the way from Argentina, as the lads discuss Top Toys range of Jedi action figures, and the loose, carded and prototype collectibles that are out there to be found.

All this along with all the usual shenanigans, look out for the podcast in the normal places. And of course, on Youtube, with pictures and vids... (thanks to the mercurial Chris Porteous)

Episode 85 : May The Force Be With Euros

Episode 85 : May The Force Be With Euros

July 5, 2021

With the 2020 European Championship in full swing the lads have gone football crazy this month (that’s soccer, if you’re in the States), discussing which Star Wars action figures would make it into the TVR fantasy football squad.

The New Acquisitions section brings a plethora of goodies from Messrs Norton, Preston and Smith, with Rich and Pete sadly bereft.

In Action Figure Face-Off the battle is between a General, a Commander, a Pilot and a Pirate - with perhaps a surprising outcome.

After a quiz in which quizmaster Richard makes up the answers on the fly - but is always right - the lads give shout outs to a great assortment of items including a childhood collection rediscovered after 35 years.

The chat moves on to Rebel Briefings, to discuss Bespin Prime showcases, dodgy bootlegs, Rebelscum changing hands, another Prop Store bonanza and speculation over re-naming Slave One.

With no interview this month, the licensee section definitely has the X-Factor, as the team delves into the buttons, badges, patches, t-shirts and a myriad of other product issued by early licensee Factors. All this with the usual mix of fun and frivolity as well, look for the podcast in the normal places.

Episode 84 : Chef Chirpa

Episode 84 : Chef Chirpa

May 31, 2021

A fully vaccinated panel discuss what constitutes Vintage these days: Jason "Mr Palitoy" Smith is certainly known as a fossil, Andy Preston - ancient, Andy "Spoons" Norton - a relic, Peter Davis - a golden oldie and Richard - northern. 

TV's celebrity chef Dean Edwards joins Jason and Andy to talk collecting, conventions, miscards, Toy Toni's, mealtimes Star Wars style, and more.

In Action Figure Face-Off this month its Nien Nunb vs Stormtrooper vs Teebo vs Chief Chirpa. Its the fiercest battle yet and Peter has to like an Ewok! 

Richard's Rebel Briefings sees fake BASA stickers, USA convention dates announced, visitations and so much more.

The licensee section looks at ADDIS and Peter uncovers some rather riotous history. 

And there's plenty of other stuff, especially the acquisiton of a rare flannel. 

This episode can be found on YouTube thanks to Chris Porteous

Episode 83 : “I have encountered a Burgess in the force”

Episode 83 : “I have encountered a Burgess in the force”

May 4, 2021

An almighty 4 hours of Vintage Star Wars for Episode 83 and although a little later than normal we thought what better way to release on May 4th*. Our feature interview is with Dan Burgess, who can be found on Generation Skywalker TALKING MODERN MOSTLY! (the traitor), but is also a barmy vintage collector and has adorned the Vintage Rebellion on many occasions in the past.

The Vintage Rebellion Swap Shop takes off with the Marvel ROTJ number 1 with badges getting traded up for - a Canadian ROTJ Nikto MOC... who has something to trade for that?

Spoons tries to one up everyone with his quiz based on Top Trumps. 

The Vintage Rebellion's Jason Smith aka Mr Palitoy has been working with Wayne Totty and Mark Thornicroft on an Echo printed Palitoy Cardback Guide based on his Palitoy cardback website. Andy Preston has also supplied a lot of the pictures for it and we get to find out where to get it (pre-order now live).

Pete talked with Steve Taylor at the Toy Planet who recently had an enormous graded and non graded vintage collection in at the store and hear about how the market of retro/vintage goods is growing.

The licensee section is about Ben Cooper masks and costumes. Worth catching up with the youtube version of the show, lovingly put together by Chris Porteous, which showcases some cracking memories of fancy dress / dressing up / cosplay by some of the lads (Richard would get beaten up for it). 

In Richard's Rebel Briefing the lads also pay tribute to John Kellerman who became one with the force recently. 

The visual edition is here:


* technically we were late and we used the May 4th to cash in on our guilt


Episode 82 : We’ve spotted Eric Walkers on the North Ridge

Episode 82 : We’ve spotted Eric Walkers on the North Ridge

March 30, 2021

Andy and Chris talk to Eric Walker, author, musician, broadcaster and star of the Ewok movies, Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor. He shares tales of life on the set, working with Warwick Davis and George Lucas, and how he’s still connected to the galaxy far, far away.

Yes.. you read that correctly. Its Chris Porteous. He's finally been let out! 

This month its Bib Fortuna v AT-ST Driver v R2-D2 Solid Dome v Snaggletooth. Revelations about our red  jump-suited cantina denizen has the boys in a quandary.  Can Andy Spoons Norton win again this month, and what is Jason doing with that poor R2 unit!?

Richard's Riotous Rebel Briefings has the group musing over some new Star Wars Disney+ vintage releases, the return of Echo Live, some moody lighting, Jason pays tribute to a fellow collector and who would we like to see a Cameo from?

Licensee has us remembering Topps and all their trading cards, Pete is astounded that the lads are not quite as frenzied over bubble gum as he was back in the day!

Aside from interviewing this month, Chris Porteous has again delivered a Youtube visual feast for us:


Episode 81 : Can I have a ‘P’ for Palitoy please Bob?

Episode 81 : Can I have a ‘P’ for Palitoy please Bob?

March 2, 2021

A little bit later than scheduled this month. We are blaming February, it ended early. But finally Episode 81 is here. 

Our main interview is with Palitoy legend Bob Brechin, not only the Chief of Design during the Star Wars era but also fundamental in creating much of the toys we loved as kids. Join Andy Spoons as he dives deep into those golden years. Pete and Jason occasionally ask the odd question.

Our new feature this month has the lads putting forward their reasons for the Best Action Figure. Up for consideration this time are C3PO, EV9D9, Admiral Ackbar and 8D8. Richard must decide from the most passionate pleas for a winner. 

The Vintage Rebellion Swap Shop moves forward. Jason kicked it all off by offering up a Vintage Bib Fortuna Pen Topper. The Swap came in and we now have a UK Marvel Return of the Jedi issue 1 WITH BADGE. Would you like this item? Then send us your offers. 

Rebel Briefings with Richard sees some eBay scandal, Brexit postage issues (yes.. how original), Muppets (no, not the hosts) and other fun stuff. 

Licensee focuses on Waddingtons, which believe it or not is another Passion of the Preston. 

Sadly due to a house move the youtube version will be a little different during March, but we still thank Chris Porteous for putting this beast together in audio format. 

Kick the pet Gnu from in front of the wireless and sit back for some Star Wars Vintage Collecting shenanigans. 


Episode 80 : Sinterklaas is coming to Kuin

Episode 80 : Sinterklaas is coming to Kuin

January 30, 2021

Happy New Year everyone, we hope all listeners (and stalkers) are well and still collecting vintage Star Wars items during these Apocalyptic times. All the hosts are still alive however Jason has collected so much stuff that a hole in his collecting room wall has opened up as the 1980s has created a time vortex and is starting to reclaim certain parts of his collection. 

Our guest this month is Dutch collector Marc Kuin. Marc discussed the early days of collecting Star Wars in the Netherlands and his struggles trying to locate any items in the wild. We also cover his love of Stormtroopers and unexpected path to die-cast vehicles and hunting.

We launch Vintage Rebellion Swap Shop.


Vintage Rebellion Swap Shop is a new monthly feature where during 2021 (from January to December) we will attempt to raise a lot of money for CLIC Sargent. Using the notion of the Swap. Jason has kindly offered a Bib Fortuna Vintage Pen Topper to kick us off. All we ask is you offer us something a tiny bit better (vintage Star Wars preferably, but if you want to offer a brand new car, then thats cool too). Then, in December we will sell off our final swapped item and give all funds to CLIC Sargent. Contact us via facebook or social media with your offer. If we get a load of offers, we'll discuss next month and decide. Could be fun and raise money for a great cause. How far can we go?

Richards Rebel Briefings are actually fairly brief but packed in very nicely. There are a couple of cracking Palitoy bulk finds, a Uzay mystery, a book funding success and something a little cheesy so expect Andy Preston to jump on that. 

Licensee section is about our love for all things Japanese with a look at Takara, we find that Mr Andy Spoons is more than just a fan of Godzilla, but an avid collector of the range. We reminisce about Japanese cartoons on kids TV back in the day.

And theres other stuff such as our collecting targets for the year.

Don't forget to check out the youtube version, put together by our Video Wizard Chris Porteous 



Episode 79 : Legends of the Force

Episode 79 : Legends of the Force

December 23, 2020

During recording of episode 79 we heard the news that Jeremy Bulloch had passed, adding to the recent passing of David Prowse. Andy Preston pays tribute to two legends of the Star Wars Universe.

Check this out on YouTube:

Our main interview this month is with Craig Miller. Director of Fan Relations for Lucasfilm 1977 - 1980. He created and oversaw the Official Star Wars Fan Club as well as having edited and written virtually all of the first two years of Bantha Tracks. He has a number of terrific stories, and maybe the longest Rapid Fire in history. He was a charming guest and we made him late for his lunch. And on the YouTube version you can watch him on video - Its technology at its finest here at The Vintage Rebellion HQ!

Rebel Briefings are anything but brief as Richard catches up and rugby tackles to the ground Mark Baker and Mark Andrews to talk COOs as if they are a bunch of pigeons re-enacting Pigeon Street. Also we discuss the Toy Museum starting up in Milton Keynes.

Licensee section is an epic two parter. We look at stuff released in Christmas Past, then in Christmas Present we travel back to the 70s/80s to each choose stuff from several years of the Sears Catalogue and re-evaluate what we chose in Christmas Future eyes. Spoons tackles a skid problem with his PJs.. hmm.  

And lastly,... amongst the epic tales of what Jason and Preston bought this month we review our collecting stories of 2020, Preston has a massive reveal and we try to add a bit of Tinsel to proceedings. 

There's also a couple of bonus items on youtube with our three favourite purchases of the year in video form.


00:00:00 - Intro
00:03:49 - Host Newest Acquisitions
00:18:18 - 2020 Review & “Break the Bank” Purchases
01:03:07 - The Quiz
01:22:41 - NA Shoutouts
01:30:59 - Rebel Briefings
01:32:03 - Variant Hunters: Mark Andrews & Mark Baker
0:2:22:20 - Remembering David Prowse & Jeremy Bulloch
02:27:28 - National Film & Sci-Fi Museum
02:31:50 - A Book about Kenner
02:34:31 - The Craig Miller Interview
04:24:33 - Vintage Star Wars Christmas Items
04:51:44 - The Sears Christmas Catalogue Challenge
05:18:41 - Outro & Feedback


Episode 78 : Pal-Lee-Toys

Episode 78 : Pal-Lee-Toys

November 30, 2020

Ever thought of making your own playset for vintage Star Wars action figures because 'those that should' back in the day didn't cater for all of our vintage cardboard enthusiasm? Thats exactly what young Lee Gregory thought and decided to do something about it. Hear his unique Manchester-based experience as he rights those wrongs. 

The lads debate further "Vintage 2.0":- most people have collected everything figure wise, it appears we are turning slightly to the continuation of the line and wanting new-old-new stuff

In Rebel Briefings Richard recalls a story where vintage is found behind a hole in a wall, we look at the prices realised at Astons final auction and another Propstore auction unearths a few oddities. 

The Licensee section this month talks AIRFIX, that loveable brand of kits we all remember accidentally glueing to grandma when we were kids, Andy Preston and Mr. Spoons share some great memories. 

So, sit back.. put on the kettle whilst Jason recalls his list of purchases and tune into another belter of an episode. 

Episode 77 : Books and Toys and Rock n Roll

Episode 77 : Books and Toys and Rock n Roll

October 31, 2020

Still very much alive, our intrepid band of collectors remove their masks, give their microphones and surrounding areas a bally good rub down with disinfectant  and soldier on like any stern British podcaster would expect to do in a crisis. Hoorah for the Queen.

We remember those days of bobbing for apples in others saliva as we try to regurgitate Halloweens of the past. Richard talks of the final Astons Auctions in Dudley with some incredible bulk lots, we hear about several new books in the community, an amazing poster Auction and Jason becomes very Scottish.

The Licensee section is another of Andy Preston's passions: HC Ford and Sons, stationary for the discerning school child of the 80s.


Episode 76 : Don’t you go all Scott Bradley on me

Episode 76 : Don’t you go all Scott Bradley on me

September 29, 2020

All 5 hosts make dramatic returns for yet another episode of the longest Star Wars Vintage Collecting podcast in the modern era. Chris Porteous again tries to make us look visually appealing with the Youtube visual version.

Scott Bradley is our guest and main interviewee, he joins Richard to talk about the complicated relationship between Kenner, Irwin, Parker and Regal as he discusses the Canadian distribution system.

The lads discuss the shadiest behaviour in recent times and in a story that makes war and peace seem like a Christmas cracker joke in Rebel Briefings. 

And the licensee topic has a Swedish flavour as we lick the crumbs from the smorgasbord to talk posters etc with Scandecour. [if you can count all the ABBA references, you may be able to win a prize]

All packed into a tight 3hr55min of vintage fiskbullar. 

0:00:00 - Intro

0:01:26 - Remembering Ron Cobb & Alan Tomkins

0:08:22 - Host's Newest Acquisitions

0:28:06 - The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer - Vintage Influences & Bob Fett

0:39:46 - The Quiz

0:53:42 - NA Shoutouts

1:06:52 - Rebel Briefings

1:07:35 - Power Droid at it Again!

2:00:08 - A New Proof - One Last Time!

2:02:00 - Aston's Auctioneers - Going out with a Bang!

2:06:09 - Space Toys Advert

2:07:14 - Scott Bradley Interview

3:10:11 - Licence to Thrill - Scandecor & Scanlite

3:45:09 - Rapid Fire with Scott Bradley

3:49:41 - Feedback & Outro

Episode 75 : Rinzler and repeat

Episode 75 : Rinzler and repeat

August 30, 2020

Three quarters of the way to a hundred episodes. And to celebrate this we have managed to get Mr JW Rinzler on the cast in order to plug his new book, All Up, talking about rockets, Lucasfilm and discover a certain character in a Disney film was named after him. 
Buy this book now!

The hosts again are a five, and we've decided to keep hold of the two Andys and cardboard king Mr Jason Smith. Richard leads them through a host of stories ranging from destroying your childhood right through to that warm feeling you get when you complete a run.

In the Licencee section Pete again talks Marvel comics, but this time its from across the pond with the American releases. 

So, sit back, pour a large glass of Vimto, open a packet of Bourbon Creams and prepare your ears for 3 and a half hours of luxury warbling.

Check out the Youtube version by our visual wizard Mr. Chris 'Terry Gilliam' Porteous

00:00:00 - Intro
00:06:19 - Host's Newest Acquisitions
00:15:44 - SW Tracker and a Look at Current Prices
00:29:24 - The Quiz "Name that Quote"
00:57:17 - NA Shoutouts
01:07:29 - Rebel Briefings
01:10:32 - Motta Stickers & Completing Runs
01:25:03 - The End of the Argos Catalogue
01:40:34 - Selling & Advising Etiquette
01:49:43 - Farthest From "Empire 40" Review
01:55:43 - Propstore Auction
02:06:27 - J.W. Rinzler Interview
02:55:02 - Licensee Spotlight on Marvel Comics in the US
03:28:44 - Rapid Fire with J.W. Rinzler
03:31:39 - Feedback & Outro

Episode 74 : The Big Bangert Theory

Episode 74 : The Big Bangert Theory

July 29, 2020

What's better than 4 podcast hosts? No, silly... it's not free cheesy Wotsits for life, its of course having 5 hosts for this month. And because of that we've gone over 4 hours of scrumptious warbling for your earlugs. Who said you weren't lucky to have us. 

The podcast celebrates 100k downloads thanks to an email from Podbean which is about a year out of date as we are currently over 115k downloads. 

We pay tribute to James Martin as he sadly passed away in July after many years of fighting off cancer. A knowledgeable collector who we can proudly say was a good friend. R.I.P James. 

Phil Bangert is our interviewee this month, and Richard catches up with him for a chat about his Star Wars collecting and a little chat about his love of all things football, despite being an American. Maybe Richard 'Arsenal' Hutchinson can learn a thing or two.

Jason's list of newest acquisitions is longer this month, so we've cut that down to just the first 1000 items. Andy Preston and Andy Spoons share their love of  Marvel Weekly UK with Peter in the licensee section and you don't want to miss some of the clowning in the correspondence pages. 


Rebel briefings has Richard getting righteously indignant about the latest repro drama, wondering how many small towns in Newcastle he can buy with the proceeds of a Rocket Firing Fett purchase and looks forward to more words in books from J.W.Rinzler.  


Check out the youtube version by the maestro Chris Porteous:


Episode 73 : Principal Sigma Skinner

Episode 73 : Principal Sigma Skinner

June 29, 2020

In amongst fighting off mice and general wildlife - trying to eat the collectibles stored in his garage - young Star Wars fan Stuart Skinner, from nearby France, takes part in this months interview. Talking SIGMA, being mistaken for Romba the Ewok and all those days of being on this here podcast for decades. 

Jason Smith has a new microphone, but can he stay awake long enough in his office/sauna to finish his list of acquisitions whilst Andy Preston returns as we discuss Empire Strikes Back having a birthday. Sadly we are all old enough to remember it coming out in 1980, although Cinema had yet to reach Richard in the frozen north. 

During Rebel Briefings an argument breaks out over some oddities featured in a Palitoy display at a recent Auction. Richard pays tribute to Charles Lippencott.

Licensee Butterly Originals gently stirs the memories of our hosts as we remember the days of school hijinks with stationery items being used for violence. 

Chris Porteous' hard work making us look beautiful can also be found on that moving pictures website. 
00:00:00 - Intro & Host's Newest Acquisitions
00:23:10 - Celebrating 40 Years of The Empire Strikes Back
00:39:35 - The Quiz
00:54:13 - NA Shoutouts
01:06:23 - Rebel Briefing
01:07:21 - Kim Simmons' Kenner Photography Book II
01:14:41 - Auction Recap
01:27:20 - Deal or No Deal Madness!
01:33:37 - Remembering Charles Lippincott
01:37:36 - The Running Stormtrooper
01:40:57 - Farthest From 2.0
01:44:29 - Stuart Skinner Interview
02:35:56 - Licensee Spotlight: Butterfly Originals
03:14:15 - Rapid Fire
03:16:56 - Feedback & Outro
Episode 72 : I am the Law, Bot!

Episode 72 : I am the Law, Bot!

May 26, 2020

Hot off the heels from Episode 71, comes Episode 72! Amazing isn't it. 

Check out the 4D version from our Vintage Space Wizard Chris Porteous:

Andy Norton decides to have a go at a quiz this month to test the chops of recent 'Farthest From - Online' champions Richard Hutchinson and Andy Preston. It's an attempt at ITV's The Chase. With Mr. Preston being the Chaser. Can Jason, Peter & Richard beat him down?

The main interview is with Irish writer Michael Carroll, who runs the online blog 'Rusty Staples', which we touched upon in our Panini Licensee section a few months back. Rusty Staples covers every single mention and influence of Star Wars in British Comic 2000AD. Michael is a current writer of Judge Dredd and with Peter, reminisces about Star Wars, collecting and all things of an Irish influence back in the day.

We ask the question about certain scenes in the Original Trilogy which there are few, if any, collectables. Richard leaps onto Farthest From online, and certain Facebook groups in Rebel briefings whilst looking at the latest Vectis Auction. Can Richard win another R5 for his collection? Will Andy Norton just buy all the Action Man gear?

The Licensee section sees Peter tackling Cliro, where he gets all soapy with the lads. What can we make Jason buy this month? Thanks to Craig Stevens for supplying some amazing insight into this glorious brand.  

Episode 71 : Bossk-Cat

Episode 71 : Bossk-Cat

April 22, 2020

Goodness gracious, has it been a month already since the last episode? Nope. Quarantine has meant we got on with this episode. Or maybe its living in fear of our hosts: The Andy's - Preston and Spoons'. An accidental delve into their past reveals some dark secrets. You would not believe it. Really!

We see what the community has been up to in these dark times and especially those who can turn their skillsets to something to help for the greater good. 

Richard flies (secretly) to meet New Zealand artist Mark Catley for this months interview to talk about collecting Bossk, vintage Star Wars and street art. Which is awesome. Check out his work, after listening to this podcast of course.

In Pete's licensee section we talk about tins from the Metal Box Ltd and find out what the lads kept in theirs back-in-the-day.

Don't miss the episode on Youtube from our very talented media jedi Chris Porteous: ‪

00:00:00 - Introductions

00:03:28 - Lockdown Life

00:15:15 - Host's Latest Purchases

00:25:22 - The Quiz

00:35:00 - NA Shoutouts

00:50:48 - Rebel Briefings

00:51:43 - Arco Industries Ltd. v. 20th Century Fox

01:18:18 - CIB & CAS - Acrylic Intubation Shields

01:21:50 - Remembering Jim Stevenson

01:31:45 - Mark Catley Interview

02:04:02 - Licensee Spotlight - Metal Box Ltd.

02:30:02 - Rapid Fire

02:35:16 - Outro


Episode 70 : Guardians of the Galaxias

Episode 70 : Guardians of the Galaxias

March 31, 2020

The apocalypse is finally here. It's what we've been training for since Dawn of the Dead in the 1970s. What's your weapon of choice? OR you can stay in your house, kick off your cuban heels, grab a relaxing beverage in your favourite mug and listen to a few hours of vintage Star Wars collecting talk. 

We have handy-Andy Preston and jaunty-Jason Smith joining Richard and Peter in the hosting duties. We hear some cracking interviews from Andy's trip to Finse, Norway on his Empire Strikes Back / Hoth adventure - listen to him being gnawed on by a local Wampa. 

Also during Rebel Briefings Rich and the team discuss the awesome article on Argentinian fakes found on the SWCA blog and consider the future role of auction houses

Our main interview sees Pete catch up with Javier Florencio Swars and Fernando Ruiz Ceano who put together, in a couple of months, the amazing Galaxias Vintage con in Tarragona Spain. Hear their story of how it came about and how it went. 

On this months licensee section Pete gets the guys to remember their Panini sticker collecting days, although Jason reckons the best Panini is ham and cheese, Richard fights him to the death on tripe and rhubarb. Andy and Pete watch on in horror. 

Also this month we have a treat for you.. thanks to Chris Porteous, our social media Jedi, whom has put our dance to music for you! (This translates to putting visuals to our warbling on youtube). Its awesome. Put it on your big telly whilst exercising in lockdown.


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