Episode 34 : Brian’s Angels

March 20, 2017

The Vintage Rebellion welcome stand out collector Brian Angel to the Podcast to discuss his collecting habits, we discuss Facebook, Engineering Pilots and his R5-D4 focus amongst many other topics.

Rich discusses display and shipping ideas with Iain Sanderson and Johnpaul Ragusa.

Whilst Jez hosts possibly the most crazy NA ever with a random Tuna Fish advert and a discussion on Yak Face's Muff!  The lads discuss their favourite TIE Fighter from the range and we highlight an absolute steal at an estate sale.

On Beyond The Toys, Grant welcomes artist Chris Moore where they discuss Star Wars Wallpaper.

This months market is short and sweet as Pete looks at the 2016 Kenner 12a market prices and the tracker top 5 ties things up nicely.

All this plus the other usual gibberings.

Enjoy the show!!!


Episode 33 : Amy’s Ice Capades

February 22, 2017

The Vintage Rebellion return with another 5 hour epic and are joined by the delightful Amy Sjoberg to discuss amongst many other things, her love affair of Ewoks.  Keeping on the topic of Ewoks, Pete welcomes Scott Haddow onto Market to look at the MOCwoks as they talk the Ewok MOC Market. 

This months Beyond The Toys is for every Original Trilogy fanatic.  Jamie Benning comes on the show to discuss his filmumentaries project.  An original concept that merges film with documentary, a fresh reinvention of immersive 'making of' storytelling.

Richard welcomes GW Acrylic UK dealer, Jamie Brown onto this months Rebel Briefings as they discuss the new product line they are offering.  Rebel Briefings also brings us an update on baggiegate as well as a feel good story after a collector completed a run in the most unexpected way through the generosity of a stranger.

Newest Acquisitions is full of more amazing purchases as Jez walks us through some amazing items, from a Kenner/Palitoy Zuckuss through to a Darth vader Speakerphone.  Whilst Jez sells the Tantive XI forum in a passionate manner.

All this plus much more, makes this another show you'd be crazy to miss.

Enjoy the show!!!


Episode 32 : Ron With The Wind

January 23, 2017

The Vintage Rebellion's first show of 2017 starts off with a podcast that is jammed full of guests.  The team remembers Carrie Fisher and discuss when they each got to meet the Princess, and then later in the show select their favourite Princess Leia moments.

Stuart, Grant and Rich are joined by collecting illumanti, Ron Salvatore, for this months main interview.  Ron discusses a number of topics, from why he collects to Kenner shop displays.  His knowledge is testament to the years of work he has put into the hobby.

In this months 'Beyond The Toys', Grant is joined by former guests, Mark Daniels and Craig Spivey to discuss a project they have been working on alongside Maped Helix, an exciting time as Helix have agreed to work alongside the three of them and produce a 40th Anniversary line with a nod to the Vintage items.

Rebel Briefings sees Rich bring you three interviews as he chats to PBP/Poch : Made in Spain Comprehensive Catalog author Javier Ruilopez, talks Top Toys with Stefan Callaer and chats with Brian Rachfal about his hunt for a certain item.  As well as a couple of other items, Jez also reveals information about the 'Running Stormtroopers' newest challenge.

Pete is joined by Jared Cope for this months Market section as they look at 2016 prices and trends using the fantastic Star Wars Tracker.

And finally Jez brings us a host of goodies in Newest Acquisitions as he looks at a £10 MOC, trainers, 65 back Jawas amongst many other things, and you can all hold Jez accountable for significant price hikes in the Rebel Transport as he clearly articulates why it's the best ship in the toy range!!

Happy New Year.

Enjoy the Show. 


The 3rd Holiday Special : Rogues Go Off On One

December 23, 2016

It's that time of year again, that's right The Vintage Rebellion bring you their third Holiday Special.

Different from the previous Holiday Specials as sadly there is no Panto, but on a positive note, there is no Panto!

We have a feature interview with Chris Botkins, whilst we also catch up with Marc Hockley, Iain Sanderson, Chris Caswell, Edd Grant, Simon McOwan and Andrew Norton.

The lads look at 2016 including Celebration London and Rogue One, whilst also taking a look at what 2017 has in store.

It's a laid back affair, so give your goose a cuddle whilst relaxing with a foot spa.  Merry Christmas listeners!!!!


Apologies for the echo in the latter part of the podcast.


Episode 31 : 21st Century Fox

December 19, 2016

The Vintage Rebellion return to the usual format after their extended edition last month, in fact this episode doesn't even last 5 hours!

Matt Fox joins Stuart and Grant for this months focus interview as he discusses his 'May the Toys Be With You' exhibition and we take an in depth look at poster collecting and the UK poster release.

Yehuda Kleinman joins Rich during Rebel Briefings to discuss Yupi, whilst Stuart and Pete welcome Laurence Dyer and Simon McOwan back to chat about the Palitoy Factory Tour that Laurence arranged earlier this month.

Clint Garness joins Grant for this months 'Beyond the Toys' section as they look at collecting in Canada.

Jez looks at some stunning acquisitions during this months 'Newest Acquisitions' including a Lili Ledy Imperial Commander, Ross Barr's 32 back Han Solo and Micro collection amongst many other beautiful pieces.

Pete's Market takes a look at the recent Vectis auction whilst he also welcomes Andrew Norton to discuss the Micro Collection after touching on it during the newest acquisitions.

Of course we have the usual banter, drivel and fun in the 31st edition of The Vintage Rebellion.


Episode 30 : Three Men and a Little Ledy

November 22, 2016

Degunk your junk and clear your phone memories, as you're going to need it all for this epic edition of The Vintage Rebellion Podcast.

This months show has no less than ten guests joining the team throughout the various sections.

Stuart is joined by Horacio Narvaez (Ozio) and Marco Jay to take an in depth look at the Lili Ledy license. 

Rich has no fewer than FOUR guests during this months rebel Briefings.  Jon Spira joins him to discuss the Elstree 1976 DVD release, whilst Adam Pemberton speaks with Jez about the recent Echo Live toy show.  Henrik Friden discusses the recent huge Norway haul and Jason Smith returns to the show to discuss Palitoy 45 AB combinations.

This month in the newly titled Beyond the Toys section, Grant speaks to Propstore's Prop Guru Brandon Alinger and Emmy Award winning comedy screenwriter David mandel on their new publication 'The Art of Ralph McQuarrie'.  The book which will be the most comprehensive guide to artists behind The Original Trilogy.

Pete continues the guest ratio having Chris Botkins join him for Market as they take a look at the Rebel Commando, whilst also delving into the recent Propstore auction.

Jez offers a feast of acquisitions in the NA segment, as he looks at Trilogo MTV-7s, Hoth Survival mailer Kits, Canadian Ugnaught MOC, Argentinian Pepsi rulers, TIE Pilot Uzays, AT-ATs and a look at Cash Converters.

As well as all this Chris Georgoulias joins the team during feedback to make some corrections on information given during Episode 29.

Don't fear the length of this show is a one off and will be back to the usual 5 hours in December. x x

Enjoy the show!!!!!!!


Episode 29 : Bespin Boxflats

October 23, 2016
The Vintage Rebellion return with a shorter show (but still generally longer than most other podcasts) after such a short period since the last show.

Todd Hudson joins the Rebellion to discuss his collecting habits as he delves into his past to discuss his once impressive Chewbacca focus, and more up to date collecting as examine his love of preproduction collectibles including Revenge Proofs, 4 ups, Boxflats amongst many other items.

Criz Bee of JediBusiness.com and Galaxy of Toys and ToyRun Podcasts joins Grant for this months oddballs as they look at modern collecting with a Vintage Twist, a real must listen from a true modern expert.

Chris Georgoulis joins Richard for Rebel Briefings for an educational and fascinating discussion as he was reunited with a Wax Sculpt head and Tusken body.  Marc Walsh also returns to the show to discuss his new shop that he's recently opened in Blackpool.

Pete brings us a look at the recent Propstore Auction in this months Market, and be sure to listen on at the end of the show as Rich goes into meltdown!!!!!!

Enjoy the Show!!!

Episode 28 : Who’s Scruffy Looking?

October 3, 2016
The Vintage Rebellion return with a slightly delayed show, but another epic show nonetheless.

This months main interview is with UK collector and friend of the podcast Simon McOwan. We discuss his Trilogo last 17 run that he's just completed, HC Ford and Sons record erasers amongst many other things, including his failed business enterprise with Dave Tree 16 years ago.

In Rebel Briefings, Rich covers a host of topics as he discusses AFA, Selling up, Javier's PBP book, Jawa prices going crazy and he also selects his highlights from Johnpaul Ragusa's Q&A that he participated in on Facebook group 'Jabba's Palace'.

Tony Damata joins Grant as they discuss in depth Vintage Star Wars music collecting, whilst Pete brings us a third part of the toy shop interviews as he speaks with Chris Hand from the Leicester Vintage Toy Shop.

As Usual Jez delves into the world of collectors newest acquisitions, this month he looks at vintage soap, Yoda hand puppets and miscard's amongst many other stunning items picked up within the community.

As well as all this and some other cracking nuggets, Rich decides to give humour a try, if that doesn't make this show a vital download then I don't know what will.  The blokes totally quackers!!!

Enjoy the show.

Episode 27 : The Knights of Rendahl

August 23, 2016
The Vintage Rebellion return after their extended break with their longest podcast to date, beating the previous longest by a staggering 26 minutes, good luck to those who listen to this in one sitting!

Joining the team this month for an interview is a well known name in the collecting community, Mattias Rendahl, Mattias talks about his books, preproduction and growing up in Sweden with Star Wars amongst many other things.

Also this month, David Moss of Toy Polloi returns to the show to discuss the restoration of Vintage Star Wars.  David discusses restoring toys fit for the bin, sometimes using techniques seen by some as controversial to hardcore collectors.  This months Oddball section hopes to trigger some interesting conversations and highlight some of David's incredible restorations.

An extended rebel briefings sees much discussed from the charming message in a falcon story, fake wollworth baggies, Palitoy 30 back fetts, Meccano Fett world record sale as well as many other stories being discussed in the community.  We also hear some interviews from Celebration from various collectors who attended the event.

Mattheiu Barthelemy join the team during the Newest Acquisitions segment to discuss his recent purchase of a Meccano Landspeeder, whilst the boys also look at other stand out buys within the collecting community.

We have a Celebration break down, rapid fire and the usual song, as the Rebellion return to what they do best.  ENJOY!!!

Episode 26 : Oli’s Bad Motivator

July 12, 2016
It's been a real push getting this one out but the team have worked hard to ensure that there was a podcast released in time for all you wonderful listeners to have us with you on your journey's to Celebration Europe this week.

Joining the crew for the main interview is pre-production collector Oliver Sudweeks who talks about his connection with the toys and his love for pre-production items as he talks about his R5-D4 pre-production run as well as white cape Bib Fortunas amongst many other items. On this months Newest Acquisitons Jez covers many new purchases including Land of the Jawas playset, Force Light Sabers, Remedial Learning kits and plush Ewoks alongside many many other stunning items. I grew Up Star Wars founder, Tom Berges joins Grant for this months Oddballs whilst in Market Pete follows up his popular toy shop series as he speaks with Gordon Dobson and Johnny Burgess. Rich brings us more rebel briefings and we couldn't resist for this month's intro as we bring back the opening question. We also have a special roundtable which helps lead us into Celebration, the team have a set of stunning postcards designed for a giveaway and are delighted to be joined by Dan Tearle, Corey Galal and Mark Daniels as we discuss all six postcards available in the giveaway. We hope you enjoy the show and don't forget to stop by and see us at Celebration. Much love!!!!!!

Episode 25 : Marc and the Modal Nodes

June 21, 2016
A month out from Celebration and the Vintage Rebellion boys hit you with their longest podcast to date!

The show is packed with guests from start to finish and there truly is something for every collector in this months show.  Marc Hockley is the guest interview this month as he discusses his collecting history, life size figures, 12 inch figures and his love of trade catalogues, along with many other items and stories along the way.

Continuing along the 12 inch discussion, 12 inch king pin Lee Bullock joins Grant for this months Oddballs whilst Pete chats with both Mete Akin regarding Uzays and gets an update from Star Wars tracker main man Jared Cope.

On this months Rebel Briefings the Rebellion are joined by THREE guests! Stephane Faucourt joins Richard to discuss his latest Meccano book, Craig Spivey joins the team again to chat about his collection going on view for the public and Simon Graham chats with grant regarding the amazing Biker Scout helmet designs which will be on show at Celebration Europe.  Talking of Celebration, the team announce giveaways, panels and the booth that we will all be involved in at the event.

And as if that wasn't enough guests Oliver Sudweeks joins Jez in the New Acquisitions to speak about his stunning Pink Poncho Leia and gives us some informative background on the item.  Also on this months NA the team discuss AT-ST Walker's, Jawas, Diecast, Acamas masks amongst many other items.

Not only our longest show but probably our most action packed show too!  Enjoy!


Episode 24 : Let’s Just B-Wing It

May 16, 2016
On this month's Vintage Rebellion Podcast it's UK meets US as Chivecast host Stephen Danley joins the Rebellion to talk Focus Collecting, Chivecast and his Collection of Capacitance amongst many other things, whilst Grant welcomes Cathy Kendrick to the show on this months oddballs to discuss Star Wars Trading Cards.
On this months Newest Acquisitions Jez discusses item's purchased by the community over the last month including ESB 18 back Meccano Boba Fett, ATL Interceptor and an exciting discovery surrounding a 15" Darth Vader.  As well as many other items, Marco Jay joins the NA to chat about his Lily Ledy Boxed Snow Speeder that he's recently acquired.

As well as all this Pete picks through the highlights of the recent Vectis Auction and Rich chats Mailer Mysteries, 12 inches and Fett rockets in Rebel Briefings.

All this plus much more on the Vintage Rebellion, enjoy the show!!!

Episode 23 : Bobby Fett and the Great Pit of Carnoose

April 17, 2016
Episode 23 of The Vintage Rebellion Podcast lands with a host of eclectic guests for this months bumper edition.

Christian Carnus, or Bobby Bobs as he's known by so many, joins the team for this month's interview. Christian talks about his blog, his Luke Skywalker focus, Tantive XI amongst many many other things.

Rebel Briefings brings you two guests as Richard talks with Ron Salvatore regarding repurposed wax sculpts to create later figures, and he also welcomes Phil Heeks who discusses his new book which is one mans tale of waiting for Star Wars back in 1978 and his experience thereafter.

In this months Oddballs Grant is joined by Peter Harmacek as they take a doorway to the beginning, they discuss the latest high definition fan attempt to restore the movie that started it all.

And if that wasn't enough guests Peter brings an outstanding interview with David Jordan, owner of Jordan's, a shop in Leamington Spa where Pete use to purchase his toys back in the day in this month's market section.

As well as all these outstanding guests we have the NA where Jez discusses almost every purchase in the community over the last month.

Enjoy the show!!!

Episode 22 : Run to the Suns

March 16, 2016
On this months edition of the Vintage Rebellion Podcast we are joined by Mark Daniels, known across the various outlets as Sublevel Studios. He discusses his collection, his artwork and gives us an insight in the differences from collecting now compared to the 90s.

During this months Newest Acquisitions we receive some breaking news regarding Celebration Europe and the Vintage Rebellions involvement, so be sure to listen carefully for that amongst some stunning purchases from the community over the last 4 weeks.

Rich is joined by Darrell Johnson and Brendi Burton to discuss the significance of the Rocket Firing Fett during Rebel Briefings. Whilst Pete brings us the latest from the Vintage Market, including the recent Vectis sale which had more stunning Star Wars items.

Finally, Episode 22 sees the return of Oddballs as Grant is joined by Nathan Butler for an instant return to form.

All this plus much more including music from Bad Lip Sync.

Sit back and enjoy the latest episode of The Vintage Rebellion Podcast.


Episode 21 : Hoth StormCooper

February 14, 2016
The Lads and Outcast Jez return for Episode 21, where we have long term collector Michael Cooper discuss his collection, early collecting years and his involvement in this ever growing hobby.  On Rebel Briefings this month Rich is joined by Chris Coney, Marco Jay and Clint Garness from the new forum Tantive XI, Stuart speaks with former guest Andrew Norton about his new website devoted to the diecast range, plus Rich looks at a couple of other topics which have been hot in the news since the last podcast.  Plus as always we have the ever popular Newest Acquisitions and Market sections as Jez and Petey Wetey do their things respectively.  All this plus much much more and we can promise we haven't allowed Jez to drop any more rhymes in this latest edition of The Vintage Rebellion Podcast. 

Episode 20 : Rebel Rebel

January 18, 2016

Happy New Year from The Vintage Rebellion Podcast.

We start 2016 with an almighty bang as we have long term British collector and Helix fanatic Craig Spivey joined the Rebellion for this months interview, Craig discusses The Force Awakens British Premier and After Show Party that he was lucky enough to attend, along with digging into his collection as we discuss a bit of everything including his part of the Millennium Falcon that he owns.

Thomas Garvey joins Richard on Rebel Briefings to discuss a recent article which he published on the SWCA and Stuart speaks with Matt Fox on his collection being displayed in the 'May the Toys be With You' exhibition.

Pete looks at two huge recent auctions during the market section as he delves into the Nigo auction held at Sothebys as well as the recent Vectis auction.

Jez brings us his Newest Acquisitions where he looks at items from the forums and facebook. All this plus Force Awakens discussion, Rapid Fire and general jabbering's sees the Vintage Rebellion doing what it does best. ENJOY!!!


The 2015 Christmas Special

December 9, 2015
The Vintage Rebellion Podcast returns for a Special Christmas Show.
The normal format goes out the window as the boys have a roundtable looking back at 2015 and a look into the future as they delve into 2016.
There is plenty of short interviews as we hear from past guests, Edd Grant, Bruce White, Tim Veekhoven, Iain Sanderson, Ross Barr, Gary Smith, Chris Mann, Andrew Norton and Jason Smith. Each of them discuss various aspects of the last 12 months, The Force Awakens and 2016.
As well as all this we also have a second pantomime, which is once again written and directed by Richard. joining the team to star in this is Iain Sanderson, Jason Smith, Chris Mann, Dan Burgess, Ross Barr and introducing Jason's wife, Katie Hegarty Smith.
It's CHRISTMAS, so grab a mulled wine or an Egg Nog and sit back and enjoy a festive treat from The Vintage Rebellion!!!!!!!!!

Episode 19 : Dyer Another Day

November 26, 2015
A little later than normal but the boys are back with another stonking show.
Laurence Dyer joins Stuart for this months interview to discuss his research into the Palitoy Warehouse that his Grandad designed, Laurence also talks about his personal collecting as well as explaining why he has a love for the Amanaman figure.
Richard is joined by Chris Fawcett, James Simkins and Eric Green as he finds out the back story of the recent amazing haul, dubbed 'The Big Pick'.
Jared Cope returns to the podcast during the market section to talk more about his Star Wars Tracker with Pete and Jez hooks up for a second discussion with lasts months Guest Malcolm Tween as they delve into Malcolms other artwork.
All this plus the usual popular Rebel Briefings and Newest Acquisitions sections as well as the high jinx from the crew.  All this plus much much more on your favourite Vintage Star Wars collecting podcast.
It's true, all of it!

Episode 18 : The French Connection

October 22, 2015
The Vintage Rebellion returns with their 18th instalment as the five Brits sit down to discuss Vintage Star Wars collecting.
Joining the team for this months feature interview is none other than the author of 'La French Touch', Stephane Faucourt. Stephane discusses his books and his Meccano and Trilogo collection, as well as telling the Rebellion what it was like growing up with Star Wars in France during the Original trilogy era.
The team are delighted to welcome two other guests during this months Rebel Briefing too. Gus Lopez joins Richard to discuss his Sandcrawler wooden pattern, whilst joining Jez is Malcolm Tween, who is the man whose designed the stunning Star Wars stamps just released by Royal Mail. Jez also takes a look at the communities newest acquisitions as he delves into the forums and Facebook to see the impressive purchases being made within this wonderful hobby.
Pete brings us an update on the prop auction that he discussed last month and tells us of some of the prices realised amongst those impressive lots.  Pete and Jez also review the summers hottest event, the Secret Cinema, that they were both fortunate to attend.
All this plus much more on everyone's favourite vintage collecting podcast!!!

Episode 17 : May The Fawcett Be With You

September 16, 2015

This months Vintage Rebellion Podcast has a standout interview with collecting illuminati Chris Fawcett, Chris makes a special announcement regarding a project he is working on for Insider Magazine as well as chatting to the Rebellion about a few of his astounding collecting stories.  As well as having Mr Fawcett on the show, we also have Mr Imperial Gunnery himself, JohnPaul Ragusa, who joins Richard for a Oddball special.  Jez brings us the New Acquisitions which he has been looking at including a bargain Squid Head MOC, completing last 17 runs, retro t-shirts, 30 back Yodas, Canadian transitions, graded comics, A Wing test shots, display rooms and Vader utility packs, which is just a sample of the many things he discusses on his segment this month.  In this months Rebel Briefing we look at a whole manner of news including London Film and Comic Con moving to Brighton for this winters show and Daniel Burgess joins the crew to review Force Friday.  Pete brings us another look at the current market where he discusses some beautiful Star Wars items in the Prop Store Auction.  All this plus all your other favourite sections should make this podcast another epic adventure.