STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 24 : Let’s Just B-Wing It

May 16, 2016
On this month's Vintage Rebellion Podcast it's UK meets US as Chivecast host Stephen Danley joins the Rebellion to talk Focus Collecting, Chivecast and his Collection of Capacitance amongst many other things, whilst Grant welcomes Cathy Kendrick to the show on this months oddballs to discuss Star Wars Trading Cards.
On this months Newest Acquisitions Jez discusses item's purchased by the community over the last month including ESB 18 back Meccano Boba Fett, ATL Interceptor and an exciting discovery surrounding a 15" Darth Vader.  As well as many other items, Marco Jay joins the NA to chat about his Lily Ledy Boxed Snow Speeder that he's recently acquired.

As well as all this Pete picks through the highlights of the recent Vectis Auction and Rich chats Mailer Mysteries, 12 inches and Fett rockets in Rebel Briefings.

All this plus much more on the Vintage Rebellion, enjoy the show!!!