STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 27 : The Knights of Rendahl

August 23, 2016
The Vintage Rebellion return after their extended break with their longest podcast to date, beating the previous longest by a staggering 26 minutes, good luck to those who listen to this in one sitting!

Joining the team this month for an interview is a well known name in the collecting community, Mattias Rendahl, Mattias talks about his books, preproduction and growing up in Sweden with Star Wars amongst many other things.

Also this month, David Moss of Toy Polloi returns to the show to discuss the restoration of Vintage Star Wars.  David discusses restoring toys fit for the bin, sometimes using techniques seen by some as controversial to hardcore collectors.  This months Oddball section hopes to trigger some interesting conversations and highlight some of David's incredible restorations.

An extended rebel briefings sees much discussed from the charming message in a falcon story, fake wollworth baggies, Palitoy 30 back fetts, Meccano Fett world record sale as well as many other stories being discussed in the community.  We also hear some interviews from Celebration from various collectors who attended the event.

Mattheiu Barthelemy join the team during the Newest Acquisitions segment to discuss his recent purchase of a Meccano Landspeeder, whilst the boys also look at other stand out buys within the collecting community.

We have a Celebration break down, rapid fire and the usual song, as the Rebellion return to what they do best.  ENJOY!!!

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