Episode 31 : 21st Century Fox

December 19, 2016

The Vintage Rebellion return to the usual format after their extended edition last month, in fact this episode doesn't even last 5 hours!

Matt Fox joins Stuart and Grant for this months focus interview as he discusses his 'May the Toys Be With You' exhibition and we take an in depth look at poster collecting and the UK poster release.

Yehuda Kleinman joins Rich during Rebel Briefings to discuss Yupi, whilst Stuart and Pete welcome Laurence Dyer and Simon McOwan back to chat about the Palitoy Factory Tour that Laurence arranged earlier this month.

Clint Garness joins Grant for this months 'Beyond the Toys' section as they look at collecting in Canada.

Jez looks at some stunning acquisitions during this months 'Newest Acquisitions' including a Lili Ledy Imperial Commander, Ross Barr's 32 back Han Solo and Micro collection amongst many other beautiful pieces.

Pete's Market takes a look at the recent Vectis auction whilst he also welcomes Andrew Norton to discuss the Micro Collection after touching on it during the newest acquisitions.

Of course we have the usual banter, drivel and fun in the 31st edition of The Vintage Rebellion.