Episode 32 : Ron With The Wind

January 23, 2017

The Vintage Rebellion's first show of 2017 starts off with a podcast that is jammed full of guests.  The team remembers Carrie Fisher and discuss when they each got to meet the Princess, and then later in the show select their favourite Princess Leia moments.

Stuart, Grant and Rich are joined by collecting illumanti, Ron Salvatore, for this months main interview.  Ron discusses a number of topics, from why he collects to Kenner shop displays.  His knowledge is testament to the years of work he has put into the hobby.

In this months 'Beyond The Toys', Grant is joined by former guests, Mark Daniels and Craig Spivey to discuss a project they have been working on alongside Maped Helix, an exciting time as Helix have agreed to work alongside the three of them and produce a 40th Anniversary line with a nod to the Vintage items.

Rebel Briefings sees Rich bring you three interviews as he chats to PBP/Poch : Made in Spain Comprehensive Catalog author Javier Ruilopez, talks Top Toys with Stefan Callaer and chats with Brian Rachfal about his hunt for a certain item.  As well as a couple of other items, Jez also reveals information about the 'Running Stormtroopers' newest challenge.

Pete is joined by Jared Cope for this months Market section as they look at 2016 prices and trends using the fantastic Star Wars Tracker.

And finally Jez brings us a host of goodies in Newest Acquisitions as he looks at a £10 MOC, trainers, 65 back Jawas amongst many other things, and you can all hold Jez accountable for significant price hikes in the Rebel Transport as he clearly articulates why it's the best ship in the toy range!!

Happy New Year.

Enjoy the Show.