STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 36 : Steve SanSavory

May 23, 2017

The Vintage Rebellion returns after a short hiatus to bring you an extended edition of the show.  Sadly the Podcast starts with the departure of one of the team as we say farewell to Pete.

Steve Savory joins us for this months interview as we discuss Pinewood Studios, Instagram and his Han Solo focus amongst many other topics.

Grant is joined by Chris Fawcett in Beyond The Toys, as they take a look at the history of Star Wars represented in the arcades, along with an insight into their appeal.

In this months Rebel Briefings, Edd Grant joins Richard to examine whether professional restoration will ever be acceptable, whilst updating the community with news on a theft and finish with some highlights from both Star Wars days.

On New Acquisitions, Jez once again leads our rebellion through the forums and facebook groups to discuss some recent gems added to various colelctions.  Plus there is even more evidence that Richards jokes aren't funny.

As well as all this we review Celebration Orlando and take a look back at the Running Stormtroopers achievements since the last show.

Kick back and enjoy The Vintage Rebellion.



Table of Contents

00hr 01m 11   Podcast Welcomes

00hr 01m 48   Farewell to a Podcasting friend

00hr 06m 34   Celebration of Celebration Orlando

00hr 41m 52   Podcast acquisitions

00hr 52m 37   Rebel Briefings

00hr 53m 29   RB : Will restorartion ever be acceptable?  with guest Edd Grant

01hr 12m 41   RB : Stolen Rocket Fett returned

01hr 17m 22   RB : Star Wars Day events

01hr 31m 14   RB : Baggiegate Update

01hr 36m 08   Interview with collector Steve Savory

02hr 30m 47   Song of the Month : Tonight We Break In

02hr 34m 42   New Acquisitions

03hr 46m 31   Beyond The Toys : Arcade Machines with Chris Fawcett

04hr 58m 23   Stormtrooper Run Concludes

05hr 19m 44   Special with Richard

05hr 23m 44   Rapid Fire with Steve Savory

05hr 28m 44   Podcast Rapid Fire question

05hr 31m 34   Feedback

05hr 40m 21   Podcast Close

05hr 42m 11   Out takes