STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 38 : An Aussie, The Ashes and a Freaky Chewbacca

July 22, 2017

The boys return for their 38th episodic show with friend and fellow collector Simon McOwan joining the team for guest hosting duties.

Forget the Return of the Jedi, this month sees the Return of the Quiz, with accusations of cheating flying around on all sides!

Aussie Lee Harris takes a nostalgic look back at his childhood, whilst also discussing his current collecting stance, as well as depressing everyone with a tale of burning toys!

Grant is joined by Jonathan McElwain for the first part discussion on highlights for the US food market for the original Star Wars movie.  Jonathan is an expert so expect to learn a lot about a subject rarely discussed.  Yum, Yum!

In this months NA, Jez and the lads (plus an extra 2 special guests) discuss a variety of purchases including variants, some in the wild 3 pack finds, a lovely story which shows that even Cloud City Clouds can have a silver lining, and the mighty Imperial Shuttle gets the once over.

Rich has the pleasure to interview Ross Barr, the face of CAS and brings us 3 stories from the vintage collecting community.

So much rammed into just over 5 hours we hope you enjoy the show!!!!!!!