STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 39 : A New Ho

August 21, 2017

The Vintage Rebellion returns with a plethra of changes.  Simon McOwan joins the team for his first show as a full time host, alongside Andy Goulding who joins the team as guest host for this month.

Derek Ho joins Stuart and Simon for this months main interview as we delve into his collection and growing up with Star Wars in Singapore.

The lads get together for possibly the most varied New Acquisitions yet, where the conversation ranges from the Popy range to Airfix kits.  Simon pulls a Hutchinson with a Palitoy catalogue, Richard speaks of a beater Kea Moll and gets introduced to Uncle Gundy beaties.  The main element is an in depth discussion on Luke Skywalker original... or is it Farmboy???

Rebel Briefings sees the guys bravely tell Ron Salvatore (from a good distance away) that he's got something wrong on a SWCA blog post.  This is followed up with a cracking interview on a diorama display and a closing of the baggiegate story... for now.

Grant says goodbye to the podcast with his final Beyond The Toys section, as he speaks with Jonathan McElwain for the concluding part of looking at food tie ins.

We also have a Farthest From special where we here from Edd Grant, Dan Burgess, Scott Cato, Stephen Savory, Darren Quinn and Jason Smith who all attended the show.

And watch out at the end as Episode 40 will see the team return to a permament five piece and we announce the final member to make up the crew.

We hope you enjoy the show.