STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 40 : Aren’t You A Little Shawn For A Stormtrooper

September 30, 2017

On this month's Vintage Rebellion Podcast, the team are joined by Shawn Moynihan for the main interview.  Shawn discusses a whole plethora of topics, including his love for The Holiday Special, putting marbles up astromechs bottoms and how he actually broke his jaw several years ago.  

Rich has the pleasure of talking to the best looking collector, if not in the Galaxy then certainly in the Southern Hemisphere on the latest updates of the reproduction blasters, whilst the team thrash out a lively debate on those collecting blues, which are rippling across the collecting circles with some great advice for those affected.

In this episodes packed New Acquisitions (NA) section, the team discuss a veritable banquet of vintage gorgeousness.  Too much to cover here in detail but the items include; Bargain carded figures, Meccano cardbacks, German drinking glasses, 12" Palitoy Fett, awesome Trilogo carded figures, a run of Model Trem Darth Vader variants and more fantastic items.  Jez is joined by 4 guests; Justin Lea gives us a great update on his Diecast Landspeeder collection, Iain Sanderson and an extra special guest braved the night of the Florida storms to tell us all about Iain's awesome looking ESB Yoda store display and finally Chris Georgoulias is the inaugural member to join exciting new concept 'The Vintage Rebellion Alliance', providing the crew with some fantastic information about Speeder Bike Prototypes, to supplement a discussion on possibly Kenner's most perfect Vintage vehicle.

The team also welcome back the return of Pete, who is in fine form.  Returning with Pete is of course the Market section where he introduces a new Gimcrack concept whilst we also see the return of his popular top five.

Welcome Home Pete...  It's family!