STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 42 : The Empire Strikes 3 Pack

November 23, 2017

On this months show Stuart and Jez chat to Jesse Cedar Soberman about his collecting habits through the years, whilst they take a look at Jesse's obsession with the 3 packs.

Richard presents four stories during Rebel Briefings, looking at updates to current affairs from Grading Toni's to the neverending battles.

In the New Acquisitions section Jez is delighted to announce that The Vintage Rebellion Alliance has recruited another collecting legend; Ron Salvatore.  The lads cover a plethora of vintage purchases shown off on the forums and Facebook groups.  Items range from some fun vintage stickers to the Diecast Tie Bomber.  Collectors returning from the wilderness and others completing their loose run.  The section ends with an indepth discussion of the AT-ST Scout Walker.  Oh and Jez comes up with a concept for a new Facebook group, cuz we all need another one of those!

Simon and Richard attempt to win a Gimcrack badge in Market this month and beat other submissions from listeners.  Previous winners Jez and Stuart are conscious to not rest on their laurels.

This month sees the introduction of The Senate.  There's a healthy debate between JohnPaul Ragusa, Ian Cowley, Todd Osborn and Mark Baker about everyones love-to-hate topic, Toy Tonis.  Listen in for some well though out arguements enlightened thinking on the subject.

There is also a review of recent events the team have attended, Richard takes us through a look at the Echo Live event including some short chats with other attendees, whilst Stuart, Pete, Jez and Simon review their trip over to Belgium to attend the FACTs event.

All this plus much much more including a usual dose of whining from Jez.

Enjoy the show!!!