STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 51 : There’s Klingons On The Viewport Bow

August 22, 2018

After last months epic seven hour plus podcast the Vintage Rebellion return with a far more manageable time.  It's just a 4 man team this month as Simon goes on a soul searching mission to make himself an actual likeable individual.

Rebel Commando focus collector and host of Sixth Scale Scavengers Podcast join Stuart and Richard to discuss his collection and his collecting habits.

Rebel Briefings is jam packed as Richard takes us through several topics including reproduction M.O.C.s and Canadian Jigsaw puzzles amongst many others.

A shorter Newest Acquisitions section as Jez gets ready to set sail, but the team look at an array of items from the Death Star World Micro Collection and Die Cast Landspeeders through to the MTV-7 which the team cover in depth with added input from the Vintage Alliance.  Andrew Norton and Clint Garniss also stop by to discuss their recent acquisitions.

And Pete brings us a Gimcrack Listener Special.

All this plus much more on this months Vintage Rebellion Podcast!

Enjoy the show!!!