STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 53 : Taking The Droids To Isengard

October 31, 2018

The Vintage Rebellion's 53rd episode lands with some disappointing news with regards to a member of the team.  However, the other four crack on and smash out another show just in time before October ends.

David Phillips joins Stuart and Richard from New Zealand to discuss his work with WETA, his love of droids and a huge find in the wild amongst many other topics.

Rebel Briefings is packed to the hilt as Richard chats with Chris Fawcett about two fascinating topics, he is then joined by Robin Bocra to discuss the new Jordan Hembrough show where he visits and interviews Star Wars fans and collectors.

Newest Acquisitions is packed as always as the team look at an assortment of recent pick ups from Presto Magix Kits through to separation color sheets for Boba Fett MOC.  The boys finish with a look at the Dagobah playset with help from The Vintage Rebellion Alliance.

Pete continues delving into Dagobah items as he takes a look at the oddball items associated with the swamp planet during Beyond the Newest Acquisitions.

As an added extra this month, Steve Savory serves up an Echo Live Special as he records with traders and guests from the recent show including Echo base founder Adam Pemberton.

All this plus an awful lot more on this months Vintage Rebellion.

Enjoy the Show!!!!!!