STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 57 : Rebellions Are Built On Cope

February 24, 2019

Episode 57 sees Star Wars Tracker developer Jared Cope join Stuart & Pete to discuss his collecting, coins, Australia and of course Tracker.

Rebel Briefings this month sees the team delve into the jaw dropping Prop Store Toy Auction as they look at some of the items that are available as well as being in awe of the information that is included in the auction catalogue.  Richard leads the team through some other topics too as they look at R5-D4 Pre-Production, the Podcast stage at Celebration and Chicago and offer their thoughts on the new 'Retro Line' from Hasbro.

During Newest Acquisitions the team are joined by Mark Daniels to discuss his latest pick up, a Mint in Box Laser Rifle with red insert and also speak of the purple insert version.  As well as this they look at the Pendulum Press Kit again and appreciate the work that Jason Langendorfer is doing to present the audio of this item, they look at Ron Cobb Color Vision book where Pete's loving for the man gets uncomfortable and we look at an amazing Lili Ledy haul picked up by Oscar Galaz, Jez shout outs many other awesome and inspiring purchases before the team settle down for the main topic of the month, the A-Wing, where Ron Salvatore from the Vintage Rebellion Alliance drops by to help the team out with the facts.

Pete continues the A-Wing loving during 'Beyond the Newest Acquisitions' where we look at what the A-Wing appeared on, Comic covers, MPC Kits, VHS tapes, he's got it covered before bringing us the Tracker top five of A-Wing items.

As well as all this we have the usual delights, we have a Celebration update, the usual quizzes and we hear just what the team had as children and what happened to those toys that inspired their collections today.

Enjoy the show!!!