STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 58 : Celebrating Celebration

March 27, 2019

With Star Wars Celebration in Chicago on the horizon the TVR team mash up a normal feeling show with Celebration.

In place of an interview this month we have a Celebration Roundtable where Chris Fawcett, Ron Salvatore and Chris Georgoulias join Stuart and Richard to talk Chicago, Collecting Track, Star Tots and previous Celebrations amongst many other topics, Ron also relays a wonderful story of a rocket firing Fett, David Mandel and a random passing Stormtrooper!!!

Richard looks at this years Collecting track in Rebel Briefings but is also joined by Matt George, Gary Borbridge and Stephen Ward for a fascinating look at their new book 'Engineering an Empire', and trust me, after hearing these three discuss it you'll be ordering it there and then!

Jez returns to England to host a mammoth Newest Acquisitions segment where he looks at a host of great purchases from knock off Jabba pipes and ESB Paperweights through to Greek Han Solo blasters with so much awesome stuff in between.  The team end the section as always with a focus item, this month something the whole crew adore as they delve into the Taun Taun and Ron from the Vintage Alliance drops by for a second time in the show to give it that extra information.

Pete continues the love for the Taun Taun in Beyond the Newest Acquisitions, he looks at Lee Wards, Craftmaster and Sigma amongst other items before delivering his popular tracker top five on the hottest Taun Taun items.

As well as all this we look at other stories in the hobby, quiz hosted by Jez so obviously that's an extended section!  Plus a better look at Celebration where Jez gets Uppity about a title for episode 9 leak.

All this plus much much more!!!

Enjoy the Show!!!