STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 64 : Death Alistair Droid

September 24, 2019

The Vintage Rebellion welcome Andrew Preston and Mark Daniels to take us through Episode 64 as this months rotating guests.

Alistair Kirkland takes Stuart and Richard through his expansive and impressive collection during this months main interview, Stuart's delighted as Alistair is a Sigma nut who has recently finished his Sigma run.

Rich is joined by Ben Sheehan as they take a look at the new book from Kim Simmons.  As well as this Rich guides us through his time at the Star Wars Annual event before celebrating the fact that Farthest From has a Christmas date.

Pete continues his License to thrill section, this month looking at a license close to his heart and focus, Deka.

NA sees the lads look at a whole array of items including Walkie Talkies, Huffy Push Bikes and Knitted Cardigans and finishes with a focal look at Boba Fett.

All this plus the usual quizzes, Rapid Fire and a countdown to the awesome Echo Live event.

And much more inbetween.

Enjoy the Show!!!


Show Time Stamps

0.00.53   Welcomes
0.03.31   Thank You To The Listeners
0.04.48   Trailer Discussion (Ep9 and Madalorian)
0.11.57   Echo Live
0.14.18   Chance Meeting with Stuart Freeborn
0.23.02   TVR Acquisitions
0.37.49   Quiz
1.06.00   Rebel Briefings
1.06.55   Interview with Ben Sheehan (Kim Simmons Book)
1.33.17   Star Wars Annual Review
2.09.57   Farthest From Announced
2.15.09   Interview with Alistair Kirkland
3.14.51   License To Thrill : Deka
3.44.32   Newest Acquisitions
3.44.48   NA - Sears Diecast Landspeeder Mailer
3.45.46   NA - Boba Fett Hand Knitted Cardigan
3.48.33   NA - Toy Toni Gamorrean Guard
3.53.43   NA - Huffy Push Bike
4.01.59   NA - Oral B Store Display
4.07.25   NA - Sheet Music
4.13.20   NA - Ralph McQuarrie ESB Portfolio
4.17.49   NA - Actone Walkie Talkies
4.20.41   NA - Main Topic : Boba Fett
4.53.56   Star Wars Tracker Top 5
4.55.27   From The Vault : From Ep22 with Brian Rachfal and Brendi Burton
5.31.51   Rapid Fire with Alistair Kirkland
5.34.55   Going for Gold Leader
5.37.25   Feedback
5.43.12   Podcast Departure
5.44.53   Goodbyes
5.46.58   Out Takes