STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 65 : Close Encounters of the Plastic Kind

October 24, 2019

The Vintage Rebellion welcome Andrew Preston and Jason Smith to take us through Episode 65 as this months rotating guests. Andrew brings us some very special guest interviews from Echo Live: from the Original Trilogy and the collecting world. 

Pete sits down to talk about MOCs ("Mint on Cards" if you are American) with Jonathan Robinson during this months main interview.

Rich is helped out this month on Rebel Briefings as Jason Smith talks Kellerman Matrix v. 2 with Stephane Faucourt and we all give our opinions on the recent Echo Live event.

License to thrill continues looking at a license that Rich is particularly fond of - Kelloggs.  Jonathan McElwain brings his knowledge to the section to bring order to our cornflake chaos.

All this plus the usual quizzes, Rapid Fire and shenanigans

Enjoy the Show!!!

28:36 Echo interviews
34:53 Auction Talk
35:20 Horsing around with a helmet in Daventry at the Propstore
48:14 Vectis 
53:42 Quiz

01:09:52 No apologies from Captain Needa
01:13:55 NA New Format
01:31:25 Rebel Briefings
02:18:19 More Echo's from Redditch
02:23:59 Main Interview with Jonathan Robinson
03:30:12 Licence to Thrill - Kelloggs
03:55:35 Rapid Fire with Jonathan Robinson
03:58:31 Outro and stuff