STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 70 : Guardians of the Galaxias

March 31, 2020

The apocalypse is finally here. It's what we've been training for since Dawn of the Dead in the 1970s. What's your weapon of choice? OR you can stay in your house, kick off your cuban heels, grab a relaxing beverage in your favourite mug and listen to a few hours of vintage Star Wars collecting talk. 

We have handy-Andy Preston and jaunty-Jason Smith joining Richard and Peter in the hosting duties. We hear some cracking interviews from Andy's trip to Finse, Norway on his Empire Strikes Back / Hoth adventure - listen to him being gnawed on by a local Wampa. 

Also during Rebel Briefings Rich and the team discuss the awesome article on Argentinian fakes found on the SWCA blog and consider the future role of auction houses

Our main interview sees Pete catch up with Javier Florencio Swars and Fernando Ruiz Ceano who put together, in a couple of months, the amazing Galaxias Vintage con in Tarragona Spain. Hear their story of how it came about and how it went. 

On this months licensee section Pete gets the guys to remember their Panini sticker collecting days, although Jason reckons the best Panini is ham and cheese, Richard fights him to the death on tripe and rhubarb. Andy and Pete watch on in horror. 

Also this month we have a treat for you.. thanks to Chris Porteous, our social media Jedi, whom has put our dance to music for you! (This translates to putting visuals to our warbling on youtube). Its awesome. Put it on your big telly whilst exercising in lockdown.


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