STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 73 : Principal Sigma Skinner

June 29, 2020

In amongst fighting off mice and general wildlife - trying to eat the collectibles stored in his garage - young Star Wars fan Stuart Skinner, from nearby France, takes part in this months interview. Talking SIGMA, being mistaken for Romba the Ewok and all those days of being on this here podcast for decades. 

Jason Smith has a new microphone, but can he stay awake long enough in his office/sauna to finish his list of acquisitions whilst Andy Preston returns as we discuss Empire Strikes Back having a birthday. Sadly we are all old enough to remember it coming out in 1980, although Cinema had yet to reach Richard in the frozen north. 

During Rebel Briefings an argument breaks out over some oddities featured in a Palitoy display at a recent Auction. Richard pays tribute to Charles Lippencott.

Licensee Butterly Originals gently stirs the memories of our hosts as we remember the days of school hijinks with stationery items being used for violence. 

Chris Porteous' hard work making us look beautiful can also be found on that moving pictures website. 
00:00:00 - Intro & Host's Newest Acquisitions
00:23:10 - Celebrating 40 Years of The Empire Strikes Back
00:39:35 - The Quiz
00:54:13 - NA Shoutouts
01:06:23 - Rebel Briefing
01:07:21 - Kim Simmons' Kenner Photography Book II
01:14:41 - Auction Recap
01:27:20 - Deal or No Deal Madness!
01:33:37 - Remembering Charles Lippincott
01:37:36 - The Running Stormtrooper
01:40:57 - Farthest From 2.0
01:44:29 - Stuart Skinner Interview
02:35:56 - Licensee Spotlight: Butterfly Originals
03:14:15 - Rapid Fire
03:16:56 - Feedback & Outro