STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Episode 78 : Pal-Lee-Toys

November 30, 2020

Ever thought of making your own playset for vintage Star Wars action figures because 'those that should' back in the day didn't cater for all of our vintage cardboard enthusiasm? Thats exactly what young Lee Gregory thought and decided to do something about it. Hear his unique Manchester-based experience as he rights those wrongs. 

The lads debate further "Vintage 2.0":- most people have collected everything figure wise, it appears we are turning slightly to the continuation of the line and wanting new-old-new stuff

In Rebel Briefings Richard recalls a story where vintage is found behind a hole in a wall, we look at the prices realised at Astons final auction and another Propstore auction unearths a few oddities. 

The Licensee section this month talks AIRFIX, that loveable brand of kits we all remember accidentally glueing to grandma when we were kids, Andy Preston and Mr. Spoons share some great memories. 

So, sit back.. put on the kettle whilst Jason recalls his list of purchases and tune into another belter of an episode. 

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